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Environmentally Friendly Material.

Azgard Nine Ltd. is a family owned business, a family that has been active in the textile sector since the…

Environmentally Friendly Material

10th January 2018


Azgard Nine Ltd. is a family owned business, a family that has been active in the textile sector since the 1800’s. Ahmed Shaikh explains what it means to the company to feature in the Corporate Excellence Awards 2017 as the Most Outstanding for Denim Apparel 2017, as well as giving us an overview of the firm.

With the ideal blend of experience and profuse youth, Azgard9 provides its clients with a one stop solution in their quests for trendy, fashionable and practical denim fabric and garments. Functioning with a never say die attitude, Azgard9 is always ready to deal with the challenges of the ever changing and demanding denim fashion industry. Ahmed discusses Azgard9’s vision of being environmentally healthy and producing sustainable goods, placing an emphasis on sales and the war against global warming.

“Azgard9 has taken it upon itself to play a positive part in creating value for our customers and society at large. Azgard9’s ‘Clean Manga, Green Pakistan, Safe World’ is based on principles of dedication to protecting the health and safety of our employees and others, and using resources more efficiently. Our sustainability vision focuses on three major areas: manufacturing excellence, product sustainability and corporate citizenship. The firm is committed to conducting all affairs lawfully and with integrity, ensuring excellence in environmental safety, and all other areas of compliance.

“Essentially, our sustainable denim target is to counter the depletion of natural resources
and to ensure adequate living standards for the planet’s growing population, by applying ways and methods to conserve energy and resources. The making of sustainable denim involves eco-friendly practice in production, by using lesser chemicals, avoiding wastage of water, and controlling the carbon emission, and using recyclable raw materials.

“Since sustainability is the major concern, the world sellers and most end-buyers are aware of the importance of sustainable productions. Hence, we focus equally on both sales and the war against global warming.”

Featuring in the Corporate Excellence Awards as the Most Outstanding for Denim Apparel 2017 follows the Export Performance Trophy 2017 bestowed upon Azgard9 by the Lahore Chamber of Commerce, in recognition of its untiring work to boost Pakistan higher up in the roster of international denim and garments exporters. Ahmed goes into detail about how it feels to have been selected and what it means for the firm going forward.

“This award is a recognition of our efforts to be the leaders of denim manufacturing. We see the award as the European community’s recognition of our unfailing contribution to both the
international garment industry in the most ethical and eco-friendly manner. This award gives Azgard9 the impetus to forge further ahead to achieve the ultimate zero emission status.”

Differentiating itself from its competitors, is the firm’s commitment to providing excellence in the production of denim fabrics and garments that meet both technical specifications and exceed customer expectations. Our team is constantly monitoring trends and looking to be pioneers in the industry, fighting global warming whilst still being relevant in all aspects of sustainability, as Ahmed alludes to.

“Working towards creating a better environment, we define sustainability as doing whatever it is we are doing now, without endangering the ability of future generations to do the same. The means to these ends are a number of procedures to maintain a check and balance on our carbon footprints, effluents in our water, and energy consumption. We never waffle to spend that extra penny for the sake eco-friendliness.

“The overall aim is to put the world population in denim, providing denim for both followers of fashion, and the denim-purists, as well as giving buyers the euphoric feel of being unique. We take pride in our production to bring out the most sensuous fabrics and garments in ways that are non-toxic, ethical and sustainable.”

Providing us with a brief overview of the denim industry, Ahmed tells us what specific challenges are facing the company and how they will adapt to these and make them sustainable. Additionally, Ahmed also describes what techniques staff employ in order to stay ahead of emerging developments within the fabric sector.

“Working out of an underdeveloped country like Pakistan lands us in situations wherein we have to face challenges such as shortage of fuel and power, thus causing unprecedented hikes in our production costs and overheads. To keep pace with the jet-paced fashion industry and consumer markets we always invest in cutting-edge technologies both in the form of machinery and technical expertise. 

“In our garments unit, we have in place an auto cutter of fabric to provide more consistency in our patterns, and auto markers to expeditiously control the consumption of fabric. Plus, within the process is our e-flow system in washing, enabling us to have a stronger handle on water consumption and assisting in curtailing wastage of water at all stages, and lastly auto back pocket machines to ameliorate the consistency.”

Subsequently, in order to meet the demands of both clients and companies, staff must all work together to provide the best service and produce the best results. Ahmed discusses the internal culture in the firm, and how the team ensures that staff are in the best possible position to provide the best service to clients.

“At Azgard9, a very substantive ergonomic policy is in place and followed to the letter. We recognize that the success of our workers defines our collective success, for which regular courses are held internally for the staff to hone their skills and to bring them up to par with the latest technologies.

Added to this, Azgard9 has built co-operations with different reputed textile and fashion institutes for mutually beneficial progress in the field of denim and denim garment manufacturing. Throughout the company, we also have a protocol to depute key staff members to travel abroad to participate in courses in countries such as Japan and China.”

Acknowledging that although there are some issues which arise when working in Pakistan, Ahmed also states that there are many benefits to work in Pakistan which the company will see in the future.

“Fundamentally, Pakistan is blessed with the weather and land to cultivate cotton, and has the centuries old skills of converting raw cotton into the best and finest cotton fabrics and apparels, this being the cornerstone of Pakistan’s textile industry overall. Supplemented by a populace that has the mental capacity and eagerness to excel, we, and the country have the tools to surge ahead and join the best of the best.”

Signing off, Ahmed notes that Azgard9 has come a long way since inception and will continue to fulfil its mission of saving the world and enhancing it for future generations.

“At Azgard9, we combine artistic finesse and scientific logic in spinning, dyeing, and weaving in our denim fabric to be cut and sewn into garments that meet all global standards, and caters to every class of the wearer.

“Over the years, Azgard9 has built its status to being a prolific denim garment manufactory. However, even in the hectic race to stay up with the global denim industry, Azgard9 still prioritizes its leadership role in the campaign to keep the world clean and safe for generations to come.” 

In case of interest in Garments

Company: Azgard Nine Ltd.

Contact: Asif Ali Khan

Contact Email: [email protected]

Address: Ismail Aiwan-e-Science, Off Shahrah-e-Roomi, Main Ferozpur Road, Lahore, 54600, Pakistan

Phone: 0092 332 0455385


In case of interest in Denim Fabric

Company: Azgard Nine Ltd.

Contact: Munir Alam

Contact Email: [email protected]

Address: Ismail Aiwan-e-Science, Off Shahrah-e-Roomi, Main Ferozpur Road, Lahore, 54600, Pakistan

Phone: 0092 331 4200233


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