Exploring Beyond IQ

An Engineering Gold Medallist and MIT-Sloan alum, Er. Manmeet Singh Nayyar is a leading Design Thinking Expert and the founder of SpieQ Edutainment, investing into promoting non-traditional methods of educating children based on Holistic Development and fun-based Experiential Learning. We spoke to Manmeet about his role within SpieQ and what vision he has for the company.

Featuring in Corporate Vision’s Corporate Excellence Awards as our Most Influential CEO of the Year 2018 in Education, Manmeet spearheads the SpieQ team in creating the right learning ecosystem for children to be able to develop all quotients of human development, and enhance their creative skills, as well as adopting a critical thinking approach to learn and solve challenges of 21st Century. Manmeet provides us with an overview of what attributes he believes his team possess which contribute to its success.

Describe Your Background and how you came into this business?

I have more than 18 years of professional experience in leading senior management roles with large Global Companies such as GE, American Express and Tech Mahindra and compelling Technology Start-ups such as Global eProcure and TrustSphere.

I hold M.S (Computer Engg) from USC-Veterbi School of Engineering and MBA from SPJIMR. Also, I am an alumnus of Columbia Business School (Certified Digital Transformation Leader) and MIT-Sloan (Certified Innovation & Design Thinking Expert) besides being ITIL and Six Sigma Certified consultant.

After an accomplished corporate career, I started Arsym Consulting to fuel the growth for Indian SMB and Large Companies by adopting advanced processes and technologies. My passion to work towards building an egalitarian society was the bedrock of founding RACE BHARAT, a social initiative for Inclusive Growth in India by collaborating with Corporate, NGOs, Educationists and Researchers.

To bring this change since inception, I decided to target the K-12 student community, the future of India and instil in them the needful skills and values to be successful in 21st Century and develop all quotients of intelligence: Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, and Emotional.

What are your business Mission Statement and Values? What differentiates your firm from your competitors?

As a brand, we wish to build an association with K-12 children community as their partner for Holistic Development. We are sure with time SpieQ will be most preferred community, connecting global children and evolving the dimensions and pace of learning beyond IQ and school curriculum.

At the same time, we are committed to Scientific Social Responsibility and have incubated this culture across our stakeholders with our values of – Inclusive Growth, Women Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, Global Innovation and Environmental Sustainability.

Here at SpieQ, our Design Thinking and Customer-Centric approach differentiates us from our competitors. In the case of SpieQ, we are the only company that has established an immersive story telling methodology for teaching STEAM and inculcating 21st Century values and skills, enhancing to build a global brand, connecting the children of tomorrow.

Our customers are always going to get innovative products that enhance the behavioural, communication, creative skills of children.

With regards to your industry, what developments do you foresee?

Human challenges will not be same as in today. The world is going to need new skills in the 21st century such as complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, people management, and more. This is because in future, our competition will be with advanced machines, powered by Artificial Intelligence. As such, it is crucial for us to get our children learn those skills that enable them to survive the storm of automation.

21st century skills and values are strongly supported by SpieQ, and so we have integrated the learning into our STEAM based DIY Kits that broaden the perspective of children and instil sensitivity in them for self-growth, community development and environmental sustainability.

When it comes to latest developments, Digital Transformation is inevitable to every business model, so our integrated Online (platform engagement, cartoon series, books etc) Offline (STEAM & Holistic Development Kits Boxes) provide unique proposition.

Our Products & Services include –

·         Nucleo Game Adventures (STEAM & 21st Century Learning Games)

·         Infinity School Kits (School Curriculum Based Models)

·         Thunderwings Adventure Camps (Recreational and Physical Adventure Camps)

·         Dr. Dragon’s Lab (Online Marketplace for Project materials)

·         SpieQ online Community

What is the internal culture in your firm?

We pick the best brains, a group of like-minded people with strong commitment and deep expertise to bring innovation in how education is provided. Our core team comprises of talented alumni from leading global institutes including IIT-K, IIT-D, MICA, professionals including CAs and Lawyers having inclination towards fun-based learning approach.

We have a flat hierarchy for innovation and all ideas are welcomed. We strongly believe to have a great idea, it is important to have lots of them and then to encourage that are technologically feasible, user friendly and financially viable.

Do you have any plans or projects you would like to share with us?

Looking to the future, we wish to launch a compelling Digital Platform which is easy to access, providing affordable STEAM and 21st Century Skills based educational entertainment for kids in Non-English speaking states in India and other countries.

Company: SpieQ Edutainment

Contact: Er. Manmeet Singh Nayyar

Address: Arsym Consulting Pvt. Ltd., BJ-90, West Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi, 110088, India

Offices: New Delhi (Headquarter), Dubai, Singapore, Melbourne, San Francisco and Toronto

Phone: 0091 97 111 222 88

Website: www.spieq.com , www.arsym.com