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Improving Lives Through Education®.

Operating since 2001, AAMC Training Group offer a variety of courses ranging across many areas, placing a firm focus on…

Improving Lives Through Education®

12th December 2017


AAMC Training Group are a Registered Training Organisation in Australia, whilst also operating in India, Indonesia and Philippines. Jeff Mazzini gives us an insight into how the organisation came to win the Most Outstanding Training Organisation 2017 in Australia in our Corporate Excellence Awards 2017.

Operating since 2001, AAMC Training Group offer a variety of courses ranging across many areas, placing a firm focus on Banking, Finance and Insurance in Australia. Additionally, the firm provides many continual professional development courses via face to face delivery or learning management systems, which it is constantly adapting to meet clients and regulators needs. Jeff outlines the overall mission of AAMC Training and what its aims are. 

“AAMC Training are in the education industry because they want to ‘Improve People’s Lives through Education®’, providing a borderless education offering to enable education to be transportable across countries. We believe this will greatly assist in reducing the high numbers of skills shortages across the globe.

“To enable this to happen, we need to build and design many courses to meet each country regulatory or business needs, otherwise the education will not be accepted or have little value to the students undertaking the courses. In some instances it requires translation of course materials from English to local languages due to the low level of understanding of the English language.”

Furthermore, seeking acceptance across borders and the ability to offer dual certification adds value to the student’s outcomes. Jeff discusses the range of courses that the team offers in the various locations.

“In our offshore locations we provide a range of courses to meet the needs of our clients. Many students who are leaving their learning institutions also require undertaking our work ready courses. This is where we teach them many soft skills and life skills that they are able to combine with their recent studies, to ensure they simulate as quickly as possible into the work force.

“Another area we also deliver soft skills courses to is for those who are wishing to go offshore to further their studies. Universities have stated there are certain skills gaps that need to be addressed before the student arrives to undertake their chosen area of study. Which is why we have designed these courses, to enable the students to adapt more quickly when they arrive in a new country.”

As with all industries, different cultures require different needs. This is no less relevant in education requirements but the end result is usually the same, which is to be able to ensure that the student leaves education as a skilled individual who is ready to work and excel in any industry that they choose.

“Every country has different needs with regards to their education requirements, however the end result is the same and that is to be able to provide skilled labour to meet the high skills shortages spread across the globe. This is basically the result of the slowness of education requirements in various countries to adapt to the fast-moving digital environment we are all now operating in.”

When undertaking a new project Jeff tells us what steps the organisation takes to ensure the client will benefit from working with AAMC Training. Preparation on both sides is key, and the team expect the unexpected from the client, making sure they are adaptable to the different requirements.

“Basically, it is impossible to guess what the clients’ needs are. Hence our team members actually prepare for the interview whilst also helping to prepare the client for the initial meeting. Firstly, four days before meeting the clients we send out a corporate pack including a copy of our corporate brochure, course lists and personal profile of the sales person attending the meeting. This enables our client to understand who we are and what we can do, so that at the meeting the focus is about them rather than about us.

“Secondly, team members undertake as much research as possible on the company and/or the clients’ that are to be visited, pre-populating the Client’s Training Needs review as much as possible from the client website. Lastly, staff respond back to clients’ in a timely manner with suggestions and recommendations which AAMC Training Group feel provides the best solutions in assisting the clients’ with the issues that are raised during the interview.”

In this ever increasingly technological generation there are many developments all over the industry, and Jeff tells us about an exciting new venture known as Jill Watson, which has benefitted universities and could change the face of the entire corporate landscape.

“Technology advancements have already entered the education industry. A good example is nano technology, a teaching assistant by the name of Jill Watson. Jill is used to answering phones, taking orders and solving problems 24/7, and has allowed one university to lower their course costs to $7K (compared to their nearest competitor $56K). This means huge ramifications for all in the education industry. I see greater use of Bots, Robots and VR/AR Goggles, all of which have already started infiltrating the education industry.”

Moreover, Jeff is keen to add that he believes there should still be a greater desire from humans to persevere in their quests, rather than give up because of the rapid evolution of the digital age. Jeff reiterates that education is a life long journey, and everyone is constantly learning every day.

“Education is now a life long journey, it is no longer about undertaking a course and gaining a qualification, thinking that is all you need to do for the rest of your life. That course in many instances is already obsolete by the time you have finished it and/ or the job role no longer exists. Hence short, sharp courses are the future.”

In his concluding comments, Jeff mentions what kind of times are ahead for AAMC Training Group, talking about increasing customer requirements.

“Ultimately our future is facing strong technology head winds, and competition that used to be locally or state based has now transformed into global competitors. The big five technology companies are a looming threat, basically anything that can be sold online and money to be made will be taken over by them.

“There are still impediments that prevent them from being the total suppliers, however that can be changed once they understand the industry better. Human resistance and fear of job losses are common across many areas, however what is resisted the most just encourages technology providers and individual companies to move faster into the online areas, as competition
and consumers are always demanding great quality but low prices.”

Contact: Jeff Mazzini

Contact Email: [email protected]

Address: Suite 1, 445 Melbourne Road, Newport, VIC 3015, Australia

Phone: 0061 8 9344 4088

Web Address:

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