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datango is a division of PARIS AG – Process Automation Robotics Intelligence Systems – and provides leading technologies for process navigation, automation, documentation and eLearning. Recently, we sat down with Christina Misch who revealed to us more about the company, as well as the steps they take to ensure they achieve excellence.

Among other things, datango solutions support organisations through targeted qualification of employees during rapid rollouts, and smooth operation of enterprise applications. The software solutions provide realtime support in the live system and facilitate the automatic generation and translation of process documentation, training manuals, software simulations and real-world e-learning environments. Functionalities as featured in the “datango performance suite” are an integral component of business applications in many companies all around the world. As a result, datango helps reduce user errors, and support costs and thus increases user acceptance of business applications in companies across various industries and sizes.

Education technology is datango’s passion, and for 20 years their software has been enabling companies to overcome change management faster and provide users with the knowledge they need to execute their processes perfectly, as Christina explains.“A professional, young team takes care of the datango performance suite (dps) and develops tailored training concepts for customers of all sizes and industries. After introducing the datango performance suite, a global team of experts is available around the clock five days a week to assist with all technical issues.”

“As an internationally successful software manufacturer, we are proud of our employees, who appreciate working for a modern, yet family-run company. Every single employee contributes to our company’s success with his qualifications and passion, his sense of responsibility and team spirit.”
When discussing what differentiates datango from competitors, Christina informs us of what marks the firm out as being one of the best possible options for clients.

“Here at datango, we have a highly experienced customer success team that coaches and supports all our customers via phone and email, without any high-level-knowledge call centre agents which typically cannot help. If a customer needs help regarding the dps, they just have to take one call and directly talk to a competent expert.”

As for a brief overview of the industry in which datango operates within, software rollouts, upgrades and digital transformation are helping companies to modernise and automate processes and increase their competitiveness. At the same time, however, such significant changes always guarantee the risk that unexpected sources of error arise that can be attributed to weak points in the new system, and that the individual process costs can very quickly be transferred into an immeasurable rise. The results are dissatisfied employees, a disgruntled Management – the weakening of the market position. Going into detail about working within this ever-changing industry, Christina reflects on some of the solutions the firm employs to meet their consumers’ challenges.
“To meet this challenge within the industry and to enable our customers to roll out their new software rapidly without unpleasant surprises regarding system errors or overly complicated process steps, we have developed the so-called datango collaborator.

It is a server-based collaboration platform with three main features:

1. to organise the collaboration of authors

2. to roll out learning content

3. and to perform an anonymised assessment of the qualitative and quantitative success of process executions.

Using the provided functionalities, our customers are able to gain the following insights and advantages:

• Identify the processes or application masks that are likely to cause the most user errors in the live system

• Find out which process steps or masks are the most confusing for your users and will lead to slower process execution and high process costs.

• Anticipate the processes/ steps or on which mask users need most help and reduce your help desk efforts

Especially the anonymised assessments of the learners’ results are key to success of change management. Therefore, let’s look at the functionalities in detail:

1) Evaluation The learning reporter enables you to record and evaluate the learning progress and behaviour of your learners, roles and organisational units anonymously. If one of your users accesses the learning manager for knowledge needs, anonymised data about these interactions are collected, evaluated and made available for various improvement purposes, such as business process optimisation or adjustment of your internal trainings.
The evaluation shows

• Number of users accessing the training content/process

• Average time required per user and learning step

• Average number of attempts to complete each step successfully
• Anonymised grading / success rate

• Use of solution aids

2) Weak Spot Analysis Identify the need for optimisation by means of targeted weakspot analysis with anonymous evaluation.

On the basis of the anonymised evaluation, it is possible to obtain detailed information about the respective progress and to derive where there is a need for optimisation. The learning reporter’s data quickly shows the need for action and serious errors during the rollout which can be sorted out beforehand, so that a smooth implementation can take place.

The evaluation shows
• Learning steps with the most mistakes

• Confusing learning steps

• Learning steps with high demand for help

Moving forward, Christina envisions what the future holds for datango, highlighting just a few of the possibilities that lie ahead for the firm.

“We will expand the analysis and prediction feature set within the datango performance suite. In particular, the process weak spot analysis will be advanced further. We work on functions, such as a suggestion for actions in critical process steps and targeted guidance for employees during process execution. Furthermore, it will be possible to run meaningful reports and analysis with the help of bots.”

Contact: Christina Misch

Company: PARIS AG, Daimlerstr. 8a Kaarst,, 41564, Germany

Telephone: 00 49 2131-762 010

Web Address: www.datango.com