Nature of Business


Nature of Business

Recipient of Executive Career Coach of the Year 2017, Dean Williams is best known for combining his passion for working alongside Directors and Senior Managers, with his other entrepreneurial interests and work with a leading international charity. We profiled Dean to find out a bit more about him and his services.

An experienced and pragmatic Executive Coach who works with a number of top Executives, Directors and senior managers, Dean helps his clients see things differently in order to benefit their company and relevant businesses.

Boasting a wealth of experience, Dean possesses over 17 years of success in this field, working across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Furthermore, Dean is co-founder of the Business Coaching Academy, the author of three books and is a regular columnist and guest speaker featuring in notable publications and radio shows. A sign of his substantial success, Dean was inducted to the prestigious Forbes Coaches Council last year.

Dean specialises in the art of communication, authentic leadership, high performance sales and turning around the results of underperforming teams. For clients who are ambitious, Dean offers Career Coaching for those who aspire to be Director level.

A psychometric evaluator, Dean has a powerful ability that allows his clients to see themselves as others see them. A motivator, Dean provides encouragement and challenges people to constantly focus on the objective in hand, making decisions that move people close towards achieving its goals. The decisions that Dean encourages his clients to make are not always but can be seen as essential in making the client successful.

Comfortable and successful, Dean builds long-term relationships which ensures clients receive the maximum in terms of focus, energy and openness, although he expects the maximum in return.

Retained and in demand by his clients, which includes several CEO’s and Managing Directors, Dean has been described as ‘one of the first names on the team sheet’, a sports analogy which suits him very well.

Fundamentally, Dean offers two services to different clients, including one-to-one executive coaching and Team Coaching. Regarding Dean’s one-to-one executive coaching service, the process is specific, individual and pragmatic. Clients control the agenda based on what they want to get out of their time with Dean. Whether it is personal or professional, Dean does not judge his clients, but assesses their own unique needs, and offers services which meet all the client’s requirements.

Typically, Dean deals with clients who possess vast experience in their positions and industry, interacting with them on a personal and professional level, helping them through their issues or challenges which they may face. Whatever the agenda, Dean will tap into your experience and wisdom and importantly, challenge your thinking, offer advice and promote action.

Offering a focused, open and energetic approach that helps deal with the challenges in hand, Dean promotes the robustness of his sessions by outlining his willingness to create tension and enter into uncomfortable debate if needed.

Acutely aware of the importance of achieving a return on investment for his clients, Dean encourages the use of his ‘coaching scorecard’ to track progress made.

With regard to the team coaching that Dean offers, he demands honesty via his ‘fitness check’, profiling what aspects of his services are required, Dean’s facilitation helps you assess your teams focus, processes and relationships within what he calls the three critical success factors.

This fitness check, together with his benchmark of world class team play, determines the teams current level of maturity and trends, behaviours that are impacting on performance both positively and negatively. Dean then works with the team to construct a ‘better way to play’.

Essentially, Dean has received plenty of excellent feedback after his work, with a variety of improvements being noted down by clients. Some of Dean’s clients highlighted that their team possesses a higher sense of trust in each other, there was more open and constructive feedback shared, and they were impressed with the quality and speed of decision making. These were just some of the aspects of feedback which emphasise how much Dean helped his clients with his team coaching, which is important considering teamwork is a major contributor to excellent results.

Lastly, the content of interventions is tailored based on the outcomes that clients are looking for. Elements could include interactive and engaging team challenges, developing ‘points of no compromise’, and Dean’s impactful tool for releasing meaningful feedback to each other.

Ultimately, whether it be one to one coaching or team coaching, Dean Williams boasts a track record to be proud of, and it is no wonder a lot of clients use Dean as a reason for their cohesion.

Company: Dean Williams Executive Coach Ltd

Contact: Dean Williams

Address: Sleepers, Station Road, Eccles, NR16 2JG, UK

Phone: 07800 790703