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Pioneers in the Call Recording Industry.

OrecX develops software for the global market place. Following their success in Corporate Vision’s 2018 Corporate Excellence Awards as the…

Pioneers in the Call Recording Industry

10th October 2018


Pioneers in the Call Recording Industry

OrecX develops software for the global market place. Following their success in Corporate Vision’s 2018 Corporate Excellence Awards as the Best VoIP Recording Solutions Provider 2018 USA, we profiled the firm and spoke to Co-Founder, Steve Kaiser to discover more about OrecX and find out how they stay ahead of the game in this rapidly-changing industry.

OrecX develops software for the global market place. Clients include open source users, cloud and premised-based telephony platforms, unified communications service providers, call centers, and AI-enabled speech analytics software companies. OrecX’s modular design allows customers and partners to build the solution to best meet their requirements. Modules include Total Recording, Screen Recording, Quality Management, REST API, and a UI that renders on computers and mobile devices.

At OrecX, their mission is to provide customers and partners with an open, flexible, and scalable recording platform that enables them to cost effectively address current and future requirements whether they are a 10-user small business, 1,200 seat call center or a 100,000 subscriber UC service provider. Beginning the interview, Steve goes into further detail about the services OrecX provides to their clients, also noting how the team achieves its overall mission.

“Over the years we have remained committed to the concept of open innovation. Which means OrecX’s ideas, when combined with the ideas of our customers and partners, yield substantially greater return on investment than the traditional proprietary and closed ecosystems, where there is no or limited exchange.

“As a team, our goal is to match the immediate customer requirement with a solution design that most effectively achieves the desired outcome(s), as well as provide a roadmap for future requirements such as AI-enabled speech analytics. Our intent is to ‘future-proof’ their investment.”

OrecX’s strategy is to align the modern and open aspects of its platform development with industry and global trends. With customers and partners and a broad array of use cases, it is important to maintain modern and open development concepts, so OrecX’s customers’ needs are met both short and long-term. When discussing what differentiates OrecX from their competitors, Steve is keen to highlight the firm’s open innovation and what it entails.

“OrecX’s open innovation enables us to meet the widest variety of use cases at the lowest acquisition and operating costs while giving our customers and partners total control of the platform.

“OrecX’s platform flexibility and openness essentially keeps us on pace or ahead of emerging developments. Also, I would like to add that a great deal of our product roadmap is directly related to our customers’ ideas on what moves the value needle for their operations. Anecdotally, OrecX’s customers, time and again, have expressed amazement that we can create new features in days/weeks versus the months/year timelines of their former proprietary systems. This level of responsiveness is a substantial and unique differentiator.”

Bringing the interview to a close, Steve reflects on the internal culture at OrecX, explaining to us how each member of the team is well-equipped to provide the best possible service to their clients.

“OrecX’s culture encourages the exchange of ideas that yield the best result for our clients. Our co-founders and senior directors filter for customer-centric individuals in the hiring process, instill the importance of it during on-boarding, and recognise and reward behavior that is exemplary.

“In addition to this, OrecX’s culture of ideas, global development, and customer focus are desirable qualities that attract high-end talent. Coupled with the fact that we are a dynamically growing business, this excites potential hires and expands our pool of candidates.”

According to Steve, some key industry trends include the development of RESTful APIs, which are a dominant trend to replace proprietary programming interfaces. Another one is improving the audio capture quality with wideband codecs such as G.711 stereo or OPUS, as well as the virtualization of network and telephony architecture, and cloud-based AI-enabled speech analytics. Currently, OrecX can meet these requirements, but their focus remains on the future iterations that will bring additional value to their customers.

Looking ahead, the future for OrecX, LLC. looks positive as Steve signs off by going into further details about the roadmap for the award-winning company.

“The future is bright at OrecX. In general, continued support for Oreka GPL, OS telephony, premise-based and cloud-based telephony platforms, and building partnerships with AI-enabled speech analytics vendors are our key areas of focus. Specific to the software platform, improving access and control over all the functionality of software, plus the media and metadata for our customers/ecosystems partners’ benefits, are high priorities.”

Company: OrecX, LLC.

Web Address:

Address: 1 North LaSalle, Suite 1375; Chicago IL, 60602

Telephone: 1 (312) 945-7622

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