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U.S. Battery is the industry leader in manufacturing deep cycle batteries. The firm were recently 2018 Corporate Excellence Awards where…

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10th October 2018


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U.S. Battery is the industry leader in manufacturing deep cycle batteries. The firm were recently 2018 Corporate Excellence Awards where they were selected as the Most Outstanding Manufacturer in Deep Cycle Batteries 2018 – USA. Following the success, we spoke with Michael Wallace who provided us with a detailed overview of the innovative firm.

U.S. Battery was founded in 1926 and began in the San Diego area. In the late 70’s it was moved to Signal Hill, California and subsequently to Corona California. In the mid 80’s a second factory was located in Evans, Georgia and in the early 2000’s a third factory was built in Augusta, Georgia. Today, they have approximately 550 employees working in all three locations. While U.S. Battery started in the battery business selling a wide range of batteries into the automotive commercial and marine industries, it has evolved as the premier deep cycle battery manufacturer having worldwide distribution.

Beginning the interview, Michael starts off by informing us of U.S. Battery’s overall mission, as well what steps the team take when undertaking a new project.

“Here at U.S. Battery, our mission is to supply our customers with the highest quality, longest lasting battery available on the market today. While many of our competitors have gone to automation, much or our manufacturing process is still done by hand to ensure consistent quality and performance.

“When developing new products, the testing process can take several years. We have to fully understand the battery performance in a wide range of applications and settings. Only after this extensive process where test batteries are cycled to death, are we ready to take anything to market. Also in the design process, we work closely with the equipment manufacturer to ensure that the complete electrical system will meet the application requirements.”

When discussing the differentiates the firm from their competitors, Michael touches on the qualities that marks U.S. Battery out as the best possible option for their clients.

“Within the industry, and specifically our niche market(s) we may not be the largest, however we have the most knowledgeable team of experts working with our customers every day. We don’t just sell batteries, we are there to support our customers wherever they are and no matter what situations they are dealing with. This is a commitment that runs from the top management team all the way through the company. Our goal is to create long-term partnerships with our customers no matter if it is a large volume OEM supplier or direct to a distributor, we want our customers to feel like their problems and concerns are the most important problems and concerns that we are handling today and every day.”

Helping the firm to achieve their main goals, is the hardworking, talented team that form the backbone of U.S. Battery. Michael is keen to highlight the dedicated team and how they are able to provide the best possible service to clients.

“The greatest advantage that we have is our employees. Most of our key people have been with the company twenty years or longer. When you have a stable and happy team, everyone is motivated to do the best possible job that they can. This extra effort shows itself in the product quality and in the overall customer satisfaction.”

Looking ahead to what the future holds, Michael signs off by revealing the projects which lie in the pipeline for the firm.

“Those of us who are in the FLA (flooded lead acid) battery business are constantly working on advancements that will allow this established chemistry to remain competitive both from a performance and a pricing perspective. It may interest your readers to know that the FLA battery is now the number one recycled product in the world. Nearly 99% of the battery is recycled and used in new batteries or in other products derived from the recycled materials available. The Battery industry has been working aggressively to advance the ‘Green’ nature of this chemistry and we feel that of the power storage options available we now offer the greenest footprint of all types available. When you link that with price and performance, you have a chemistry that will withstand the test of time and that will be able to compete on an even playing field with the other chemistries currently available.”

Contact: Michael Wallace

Company: U.S. Battery

Address: 1675 Sampson Avenue, Corona, California, 92879, USA

Telephone: 001 216 754 9363

Web Address:

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