Revolutionising How Your Business Works


Wide Eyed Group was founded by Caroline Morris, a professional business and leadership coach with 20 years of practical experience in the industry. We spoke to Caroline who outlines what she believes to be the main attributes which have contributed to her success.

Wide Eyed Group is a business founded on the unique combination of experienced leadership and business consulting enhanced by rich coaching experience and skills. With many years of experience developing teams to support customer satisfaction and growth, the team have the insight required to quickly understand a clients’ business and its challenges to help them focus in on the areas that will have the most impact.

The vision of Wide Eyed Group is to develop leaders who have been promoted from a “doing” role to become “enabling” leaders who excel at leading. As founder of the business, Caroline’s background means she understands the particular pressures faced within technical teams, such as the cultural barriers that can exist between logical, technically-minded data scientists and their extroverted, fast-paced colleagues in sales and marketing.

An experienced Senior Manager, Caroline has worked in both SMEs and large Corporates. She has turned around poorly performing teams into flourishing highly-functioning teams that are regarded as roles models for the rest of the business. With a focus on positive-growth mind-sets and an experience of enhancing company cultures, leadership development, team coaching and executive and leadership coaching, the business is uniquely placed to support its clients. Throughout the company, Caroline has a group of experienced and qualified Associates with a variety of skills and expertise around her.

Caroline gives us her thoughts on what Wide Eyed Group bring to the table in regard to its services and expertise, citing her ability to bring a fresh approach to business coaching as a key aspect of her work. She also details what clients can expect from the company when they come to work with her organisation.

“Here at Wide Eyed Group, we bring a fresh approach to Business coaching: both holding our clients to account to their goals, whilst creating an opportunity for the leaders to reflect and explore their impact on your business and its people. We will help you to realise your own potential, both as an individual and as part of a team.

“Additionally, you can expect an honest appraisal and regular feedback regarding how you work together, plus bold challenging questions which will allow you to consider your own perceptions.”

Importantly, there are many aspects which differentiate the firm from its competitors and mark itself out as the best possible for clients. Caroline is keen to highlight the experience that staff possess within the company as a vital aspect of the business’ success.

“Contributing to our reputation, we have the professional experience as well as the coaching expertise. We can help organisations to leverage the techniques in a practical way and are familiar with the barriers that often exist. We have had firsthand experience of making these changes in large corporations and so we know it can be done.”

Working with new clients and businesses can be daunting for some people, but Caroline and Wide Eyed Group ensure that they get to know their client fully and understand their needs, meaning they can reach the desired outcome.

“Firstly, we work with the business owner to understand their challenges and conduct an organisation evaluation to get a view across the business of what is working and what is impeding progress. This will allow us to make recommendations about the priorities for the business and what will have most impact. It also starts the engagement and helps people feel engaged and able to contribute. However, if we feel our services will not help them with their challenges, we will be able to make recommendations at this stage.”
Working within the competitive and extensive coaching sector, companies must employ techniques in order to stay ahead of emerging developments.

Caroline alludes to the impressive partnerships that her business maintains, as well as its extensive networking ability, all of which contributes to the company staying at the top of the industry.

“In an ever developing industry, it is essential that we stay current and are constantly developing. We are members of the ICF and adhere to their ethics. Alongside this, we are affiliated to other coaching organisations such as Barefoot and The Bird Table, and we are also engaged in a wide variety of networking organisations that allow us to understand the issues that industry is facing.”

Ultimately, regarding the future of the firm, Wide Eyed Group have some exciting plans coming up, as it looks to build on its previous and current success. The firm is looking to enhance its approach to create a business vision and integrate other aspects of coaching, such as a focus on systems and constellations coaching.

Company: Wide Eyed Group Ltd

Contact: Caroline Morris

Phone: 07758 063202