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The Trusted Villa Experts for Over 25 Years.

Exceptional Villas is a trusted, luxury villa rental company that provides tailor-made vacations all over the world. We speak to…

The Trusted Villa Experts for Over 25 Years

12th March 2018


The Trusted Villa Experts for Over 25 Years

Exceptional Villas is a trusted, luxury villa rental company that provides tailor-made vacations all over the world. We speak to Alexandra Baradi as we look to find out more about the fascinating services that the firm has to offer.

Founded in 1992, Exceptional Villas features over 2500 of the world’s finest luxury rentals. A major aspect of why clients choose to work with the business, is that every single one of the villas has been inspected at least once every year by one of its dedicated Villa Specialists. Alexandra starts off by explaining the big difference between Exceptional Villas and its competitors.

“Helping us to stand out within the industry is our outstanding customer service. Right from the start, clients will be speaking and liaising with an actual person who has been to the villa many times and has experienced the villas first hand. We have unrivalled experience of both our luxury villas and destinations, as our concierge team and our villa specialists have an incredible in-depth local knowledge.”

Gaining an understanding of what customer’s ideal villa would be, the team speak with clients and then match them up with the perfect villa. Alexandra comments on how the firm’s long-term relationships are a key indicator of the firm’s success, both in placing people in the right villa, and also offering unrivalled customer service.

“Delivering an exceptional service, our long-term relationships with our owners and property managers ensure that we have the best price and the best value possible. We offer both Incomparable Service and unmatched value, whilst truly possessing expertise that is out of the ordinary and not found elsewhere. Furthermore, we are also proud of our consistent 5-star reviews from Trust Pilot and from Trip Advisor, highlighting how happy clients are with our service.”

Building long-term relationships and earning clients’ trust is a value which is stuck right in the heart of the company, with Alexandra emphasising how important it is for both sides to trust each other.

“Here at Exceptional Villas, we believe that trust is the basis of every relationship, especially when it comes to travel planning. Our clients return to us year after year because we believe in integrity, honesty, dependability, reliability, service and, above all, competence. We believe in getting the basics right and making each of our guests feel like a VIP.”

When undertaking a new project, Alexandra outlines what mission and values the firm sticks to in order to make sure they get the best result.

“Since inception, our mission statement has always been to be the best at whatever we do. We spend a lot of time getting to know our clients and finding out what their perfect holiday looks like, and we will then match the perfect villa to their dream.

Regarding the internal culture, Alexandra elaborates on how the company makes sure that all staff are well equipped to achieve the company mission and provide the best service, alongside travelling to the villas and gaining expert opinions.

“Essentially, the cornerstone of our success is we believe that quality always wins out in the marketplace. Again, one of our most important values is trust, and trust is essential to our business. Which is why we only feature villas that we have personally inspected. As a result, we are very proud of the fact that we are considered to be one of the world’s most trusted villa experts.

“Exceeding the expectations of our customers is very important. This is from every part of their interaction with us. From the first moment, they contact us to after they return home from their holiday. Above all, what contributes the most to our success is our team cohesion and everyone’s ability to work as a team, fulfilling our client’s holiday dreams.”

In order to create this thriving working environment in which everyone is working to do the best for the client, it is important that Exceptional Villas hires the right staff. Alexandra explains that the team look to hire those who are passionate and enthusiastic about their job, and that want to work with the intention of succeeding.

“What do we look for in our employees? Passion and enthusiasm. We completely believe in first finding the right personality for the job, and then training them for the position. When it comes to our sales team especially, this has worked every time.”

Overall, with staff boasting a wealth of expertise and passion for their job, Exceptional Villas can look forward to a bright future ahead, as it continues to grow and become the best at what it does throughout the industry.

Company: Exceptional Villas

Contact: Alexandra Baradi

Address: The Lodge, Dromnevane, Kenmare, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Phone: 00353 87 2232218


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