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Diana J. Raimondo is a certified leadership development consultant with 24 years of experience in human resources management, talent management,…

Unconventional Consulting

9th January 2018


Diana J. Raimondo is a certified leadership development consultant with 24 years of experience in human resources management, talent management, and organization development. We profiled her to find out more about her success, being named in 2017’s Coaching Top 50 and how she delivers the best service possible to clients.

Diana is the Owner, President, and Founder of Unconventional Consulting, LLC, an Organization & Leadership Development Consulting firm. Not only this, she is also proud to be an alumnus of the Alpha Phi Sorority. Having enjoyed previous roles in many bases, Diana became a fully certified Gallup Strengths Finder Coach in May 2013, and since then, herself and her company have gone from strength to strength. Coaching and leading nearly 400 individuals on their strengths-based leadership journey, it is clear how far Diana has come. On a personal note, Diana is also delighted to be the proud mother of an adopted 9-year-old son, Nahom Enzo, who is from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Possessing over 22 years of experience, Diana has helped individuals and teams reach their full potential in work and life. Holding a diverse background, Diana has accumulated a wealth of experience, working in various industries throughout Florida, Illinois and Nebraska, in fields including transportation, manufacturing, education, IT consulting, healthcare, and most recently the utility industry.

Alongside her extensive experience and knowledge, Diana also holds a variety of impressive certifications and qualifications; notably MBTI, Six Sigma, ECI (Emotional Competency Inventory) from the Hay Group, 16PF (Personality Factors) from IPAT, and is now pleased to be one of a select few GallupCertified Strengths Coaches. In addition to the qualifications Diana has accrued, she has also facilitated leadership development seminars, change management courses, emotional intelligence workshops, business talent reviews and strength-based sessions, helping to coach and train emerging leaders at all parts of their journey.

There are no limitations to the work that Diana does, and she likes to embed this vision and philosophy into her clients, believing that when people focus on their natural strengths, the possibilities are endless. Instilling confidence is a major aspect of the work that Diana does, enthusing that people’s confidence is unshakeable and the momentum is unstoppable. People themselves have the power to persevere and subsequently achieve success, which is sustained through selfbelief.

Previously, Diana served as an Adjunct Professor at Concordia University in Human Resources
Management as well as a Visiting Professor for Loyola University Chicago teaching Emotional Intelligence. Most recently, Diana worked as a Principal Management Development Specialist in Chicago, at Exelon Corporation, where she led people in a variety of areas, including change management, talent management, metrics, employee engagement, to name a few.

Diana has influenced positive change in organizations such as Walt Disney World, McDonald’s USA, First Data Resources, Behlen Mfg. Co., Loyola University Chicago, Creighton University, Chicago Transit Authority, Honeywell International, LifeTime Fitness, Accenture, Patterson Medical, Olenick & Associates, Exelon Corporation, and most recently the Project Management Institute. Her core focus areas are employee engagement, strategic succession planning, metrics, emotional intelligence, and team / leadership effectiveness.

Overall, Diana has a lot to be proud of and a lot to look forward to. Working with individuals and facilitating team building sessions are all part of the job that Diana does, and she helps out in organizations as well as not-forprofits. Additionally, Diana does family coaching in an effort to help members better understand each other’s natural strengths and talents. As well as a group forum, Diana also offers family coaching on a one-to-one basis. Diana’s personal mission is to make a positive, lasting impact, which she sees as the almost justification for her work.

Company: Unconventional Consulting LLC

Contact: Diana J. Raimondo

Contact Email: [email protected]

Phone: 001 773 480 1971

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