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Your Intelligent Future Starts Here.

Founded in 2012, the core activity of the Royal Vision Group is to offer asset growth with reciprocal tech-supported risk…

Your Intelligent Future Starts Here

23rd May 2018


Your Intelligent Future Starts Here

Royal Vision Group is a fast-growing and multi-award-winning alternative investment group, which has pioneered a new trading technology, the Two Brain System, to support the Royal Vision Intelligent Fund strategy. We spoke to CEO, Matjaz Zadravec as we look to gain an insight into the extensive success that the group has achieved.

Founded in 2012, the core activity of the Royal Vision Group is to offer asset growth with reciprocal tech-supported risk management and strong fiduciary standards in a form of a mutual fund. The overall mission of Royal Vision Group is to keep a longlasting and mutually beneficial relationship with its clients, and the team strives to provide the best possible experience and performance when it comes to investing in a professional fund.

Matjaz starts off the discussion by outlining the services and expertise held within the firm, as well as the fund that the group utilises in order to deliver the best service to clients. There are many exciting aspects that Matjaz discusses which highlight why the firm has been so successful.

“Essentially, Royal Vision Group’s expertise lies in a single fund management that employs an advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence system, which is able to perform a variety of trading strategies to reach a steady return at low deviations regardless of the market’s behaviour. Royal Vision Intelligent Fund is opened exclusively to professional individual investors, family offices and financial institutions, who understand the benefits of undertaking this type of alternative investment.

“The investment objective is to provide qualified investors with a positive double-digit return on rolling 12 months at a 10 percent maximum risk of the net asset value. The Royal Vision Intelligent Fund works with a priority on capital preservation with its own developed technology, the Two Brain System. It is an optimal blend of a computer-based intelligent support and a resultsdriven team of experienced professionals.”

In this increasingly technology dominated generation, the financial sector has been transformed, with software and technological solutions playing an integral part in many companies’ operations. Matjaz provides us with more information on the computer that assists the group in its operations, and he talks about why this technology is integral to success of Royal Vision Group.

“The highly sophisticated computer brain, also known as AIA (Artificial Intelligence Assistant) assists the experienced professional trader to produce the best performance possible. It analyses the market and learns from it with lightning speed, produces suggestions based on its smart examination of market data for a potential trade with probability parameters. These parameters are then fed to the human brain – the experienced professional trader, for a second evaluation and execution of the trade.

“At Royal Vision Group, we strongly believe that no investment endeavour can go without a thorough risk management system, that is why we use this technology to help us cope with the market’s uncertainty. The main foundation of the investment strategy initially lies in its risk mitigation, optimising the return performance on top of it. Besides the technology being on the front line of risk management, there are additional measures that take place, such as intraday trading, whereby positions are not affected by the possibility of negative overnight news; low monthly trading exposure; and avoidance of major unpredictable political or economic events.

“Furthermore, we strive being the front-runners of the financial industry in terms of product and services provided, which are reliable and safe for the intended user, meeting all obligations and continually learning and improving in all spheres to pursue the moving target. As an example, in the first quarter of 2018, many indices and the vast majority of macro hedge funds were struggling to brake onto positive grounds, whereas the Royal Vision Intelligent Fund has already generated a seven percent net return for its investors.”

Combining this advanced technology with unrivalled expertise across the sector, the Royal Vision Group is able to stand head and shoulders above its competitors, and is always at the forefront of any advances which occur within the sector. Matjaz believes this technology is one of the key reasons why clients choose to work with the group, rather than its competitors.

“When constructing the right business model, you have to focus on the client’s ‘needs and wants’, whilst constantly evaluating how can you improve and offer an even better experience. The complete business model is designed in a way that ensures corporate transparency and to ground the interdependent business relationship with the client, where we offer generous profit sharing, no exit fees or hidden charges and monthly liquidity. Aside from the frame of the Royal Vision Intelligent Fund, we draw a distinction between our competitor is also in the customer support segment and the technology powering the trading operations.

At Royal Vision Group, with its clientele selectiveness and a small team of professionals takes great pride in customer support. Our boutique approach enables us to nourish and sharpen the created business relationships with the commitment we express through our actions.”

Internally, the company culture and impressive cohesion between team members contributes greatly to the success of the firm. Matjaz comments on what methods and techniques his team employs in order to ensure that his staff provide the best service possible, implying that the small team means that staff can deliver a personal touch to each project.

“Significantly, every member of our team is dedicated, can act on their own self-initiative, and possesses the desire to be a part of a change, a greater vision. The DNA of the company demonstrates curiosity, diversity, and curiosity. In all elements of the company, we are a firm believer in establishing an innovation lab within the company’s eco-system. Freedom from the constraints of old business structures, hierarchy and culture is hugely beneficial in accelerating innovation and collaboration within our partners. This statement strongly reflects the management of business operations of the Intelligent Fund.

Looking at Royal Vision Group as a team of professionals, they embody the pioneering spirit, encourage diversity and support creativity. The group was created as a sound merger of two outstanding careers in the premier class in the financial industry, and in a global family and corporate business environment.

“Royal Vision Group consists of a small but flexible team of experienced professionals with a variety of competencies for trading, data analysis, research and development, business development, finance and investor relations. The collective is not comparable in size to a big financial institution, that way we are able to leverage is flexibility and at the same time focus on the expertise of individuals.”

Providing us with a brief overview of the industry within the UAE currently, Matjaz believes that the area has a lot of factors which have a positive impact on the company, despite the company operating on a global level.

“Royal Vision Group is being managed from its headquarters, which are located in Dubai International Financial Centre, UAE. Our main investment strategy focuses on US and EU equity futures and our client base is targeted globally (except US), that is why we do not feel directly or indirectly affected by the region, where we operate from.

“Although our scope is on an international level, we strongly believe that the GCC region has a lot of business potential to offer. Since Royal Vision Intelligent Fund handles an alternative approach to investing and is one of the few or perhaps even the only kind of alternative investment solution in the region, it is on our shoulders to properly educate the potential investors.

“Currently, many professional investors in the region tend to focus on real-estate, and we are trying to make a change by showcasing the Royal Vision Intelligent Fund as a great mid- to long-term diversification option to their portfolio. Considering this, we do see it as a challenge, but more in a way that it will require some time to educate the investor about the new opportunity we are offering.”

With a long-term vision of disrupting the current state of financial corporations with its services, the team is able to anticipate advances in the industry as it has built a dedicated department precisely for research and development. Matjaz talks about the industry and what techniques the Royal Vision Group employ to view any developments which will be a potential asset in the future.

“Although many classify Royal Vision Intelligent Fund as an alternative investment solution, we believe we are opening a completely new segment of asset management. With the modular strategy, the Royal Vision Intelligent Fund has proven to be a good diversification and asset allocation tool for mid- to longterm investment decisions.

Within the industry, there is a broad selection of possible solutions for the investor, but the issue we were noticing is that the financial vehicles offer a “one-state” type of strategy, where you have to combine the right mixture of them to lower your portfolio’s risk. With that in mind, at Royal Vision Group, we dived into finding a solution with the help of the current advancements in technology, especially artificial intelligence and machine learning. Hence the strategy of the Royal Vision Intelligent Fund has the ability to apply a mixture of trading styles, depending on the current market conditions, and being able to offer above-average returns in almost any conditions. The technique we are using cannot be compared to any other fund strategy, at least not to this day, since we have found a way to leverage the modularity of strategies with the assistance of artificial intelligence.

“Where the Royal Vision Intelligent Fund strategy especially shines is on markets with high volatility, this is where the Two Brain System performs amazingly well. Lastly, all of the research and development done at Royal Vision Group is done in-house, which means that the investment and trading strategy is exclusively applied only on to the Intelligent Fund.”

Ultimately, Matjaz and the team always have one eye on the future, and in his concluding comments, Matjaz is excitingly optimistic about the times ahead for the Royal Vision Group.

“At Royal Vision Group, we have been present in the industry now for over five years, where we gained our experience and verified the proof of concept of the technology, by managing a private fund before opening the regulated Intelligent Fund. The Intelligent Fund is still relatively young, now completing two years of audited track record. For us, the most important thing in the near future is to focus on increasing the FUM. Apart from business development operations, we are continuing with our new development in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning in asset management.”

Company: Royal Vision Group

Contact: Matjaz Zadravec

Address: Index Tower, Office 1503, DIFC – Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai, P.O. Box 507020, UAE

Phone: 00971 4 326 6656


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