The Sausage Man, a leading UK based German sausage and hot dog wholesaler launched the best ever tasting low salt Halal Beef Hot Dog.

The demand for halal products is high in the UK and is rapidly growing. And even if there are already lots of products available in the market, the customers tend to choose better quality and healthier options.

A great tasting hot dog with high protein and low salt content fits market demand perfectly and will sell quickly. The Sausage Man as a leading player in the sausage and hot dog market is well prepared to distribute this product UK- and Ireland-wide.

Having already good sales established with a turkey-based halal hot dog, Michael Juska, Managing Director of The Sausage Man often gets questions about a beef halal hot dog.

He said: “To find a good tasting halal sausage is a challenge. We tried a lot and found inferior quality sausages with just 35% meat content.

“So, we decided to develop our own halal beef hot dog together with a certified German halal specialist butcher. Best quality and fantastic taste were first on our priority list. We didn’t want to use fillers or gluten. Just pure taste of beef, like you have in these traditional New Yorker hot dogs.
“The result speaks for itself. And even with a salt content of less than half compared to similar sausages you get the full flavour of beef with a hint of beechwood smoke.”

This beef halal hot dog is made in the style of a “Frankfurter” sausage, which is typical for Germany but is also the basis for great American hot dogs and one of the UK’s most popular hot dog types

Worldwide halal foods sales are expected to grow from $2.1 billion US in 2017 to $3 billion by 2023 (source: statista). The Muslims market in the UK is rapidly expanding, with the population rapidly growing from 1.6 million in 2001 to over 2.7 million in 2011 and to 3.37 million in 2017 (source:

The Sausage Man Halal Beef Hot Dog is available from today and commercial customers are welcome to contact The Sausage Man via or [email protected] or 01322 867 060.

In the coming weeks the Halal Beef Hot Dog will be available via our online-shop, which will be ready this month. With a minimum order value of £ 125 it will be also accessible for non-commercial customers.