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Bluestream Recruitment : Honest, Transparent and Respectful.

Bluestream Recruitment is an independent recruitment consultancy, specialising in Office Support, IT/Technology, Sales & Marketing and Engineering across the Space,…

Bluestream Recruitment : Honest, Transparent and Respectful

16th May 2019


Bluestream Recruitment is an independent recruitment consultancy, specialising in Office Support, IT/Technology, Sales & Marketing and Engineering across the Space, Satellite Communications & Energy sectors. Recently, we profiled the firm and spoke to MD, Belinda Elliott, who provided us with an overview of the firm and the services that they offer to their clients. 

Over the past decade, Bluestream Recruitment have built their reputation on the delivery of exceptional recruitment service to leading businesses throughout the UK and Europe. The firm’s candidate-focused approach delivers competitive advantages for their clients and rewarding careers for their candidates.

Not only has Bluestream Recruitment become one of the most reputable recruitment agencies in Oxfordshire, the team also like to support the local business community by hosting HR related workshops and events, keeping employers up-to-date with the latest employment law and new enterprises. Bluestream Recruitment is also proud to sponsor the Vale4Business Social Responsibility Award.

In addition to this, the firm also supports local business initiatives. In partnership with Bright Sparks Science, Bluestream Recruitment proudly organise the annual Full STEAM Ahead Family Fun Day.
Belinda begins by going into further detail about the firm’s overall mission and the steps the team takes to ensure that they not only fulfil their clientsrequirements but also surpasses their expectations.

“At Bluestream Recruitment we are truly passionate about supporting clients through the recruitment process, ensuring a friendly, yet professional experience, which is always honest, transparent and respectful.

“As such, we take the time to develop long term relationships with our clients. By getting to know them, listening to their needs, how they work, finding out about their company culture and values we can ensure that only the very best candidates with relevant skills are put forward.

“Ultimately, we are very proud to use our industry knowledge to provide clients with the very best quality of service and recruitment experience”

Speaking of their clients, and providing a high quality recruitment experience, the team at Bluestream Recruitment do not believe in wasting clients’ time and resources on unnecessary CVs or interviews. Instead, they listen to their clients, their individual needs, and although they can draw upon wide catchment areas of potential candidates, the firm always work tirelessly to ensure that they present only the most suitable candidates for consideration, as Belinda explains.

“We do not believe in chasing and throwing CVs in all directions and hoping some may stick! Instead, we take the time and effort to truly get to know everyone that we work with, whether they are a client or a candidate. That’s why we are able to match the right person to the perfect position.

“ Alongside this, we also make the time to explore in depth new technology and developments within our industry to establish if they meet the needs of Bluestream Recruitment, and not just follow the crowd. ”

Working behind the scenes to ensure that deadlines are met, and goals are achieved is the dedicated, passionate team of talented individuals who form the backbone of Bluestream Recruitment. When discussing the internal culture, Belinda is delighted to highlight the significant role the team play in the overall success of the awardwinning firm.

“Our core values of honesty, transparency and respect shape our internal culture and provide the framework with which we engage our employees, clients and candidates.

“ In addition to this, our supportive culture of motivation, communication, growth opportunities and supervisory support makes our employees feel empowered to take initiative and make decisions to solve problems and improve our service to clients.

“ Overall, we work as a team, providing both in-house and external training to ensure recruitment knowledge is up-todate. ”
Bringing the interview to a close, Belinda reflects on some of the challenges which the company currently face within the industry, as well as touching on the ones which may occur in the years to come.

“ The biggest challenge the recruitment industry currently faces is the prolonged uncertainty of Brexit. Nobody knows what Brexit is going to look like once the deal is finalised this year and freedom of movement for citizens of member states between the UK and EU countries may be affected. EU Candidates don’t know if their rights to work in the UK will remain unchanged and

this may influence the number of European applicants we are receive for vacancies and we anticipate this will continue until Brexit has been finalised.

“To address the challenges of talent availability and business uncertainty we will continue to
Bluestream Recruitment: Honest, Transparent and Respectful work closely with our clients and assist them in reviewing and revising their job vacancies, benefits, and salaries to make themselves more attractive to overseas applicants. ”

Looking ahead to what the future holds, the team at Bluestream Recruitment hope to continue to provide their exceptional level of service to their clients, especially following their recent success in Corporate Vision’s Recruitment Elite 2019. Belinda signs off by envisioning some of the exciting plans which lie ahead for the award-winning firm.

“ Ultimately, to meet the rising demand for our recruitment services, brought on by the growth of the EnergyTec and Space Clusters in the last year, Bluestream Recruitment is also looking to expand in 2019. ”

Company: Bluestream Recruitment

Web Address:

Address: Atlas Centre, Fermi Avenue, Harwell Campus, Didcot, Oxfordshire, OX11 0QS

Telephone: 01235 567350


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