Coorpacademy and Video Arts to Deliver Compelling Joint Learning Content


Learning Experience Platform leader links significant new content partnership with award-winning UK e-learning company Video Arts.

Coorpacademy, the leading upskilling and Learning Experience Platform (LXP) in Europe, is delighted to announce a new partnership with Video Arts, the UK-based learning provider famous for delivering corporate training in a humourous and memorable way.

The firm, set up by ex-Monty Python comedian and writer John Cleese and Yes, Minister creator Sir Antony Jay, is dedicated to making the most entertaining, memorable and effective learning by using some of the UK’s best TV writers and well-known comedy actors to deliver a highly effective, compelling learning experience.

The partnership’s first fruit is a new set of 60 compelling training courses, including 200 bite-sized videos and longer online tutorials, based on 7 key themes of the Video Arts Essentials (Customer Service, Leadership, Management, Wellbeing, etc.), and which cover various topics ranging from team decision making, creativity, innovation & change (some of which are already available on the Coorpacademy Learning Experience Platform). Coorpacademy will release 20 new videos each month, while Video Arts will also host French versions of its courses, created by Coorpacademy, on its own site.

Coorpacademy will deliver the content to its range of global multinational businesses and NGOs using its distinctive flipped pedagogy, micro-learning and gamification style. Video Arts content will then become part of Coorpacademy’s extensive and fast-growing content library of 800 courses, all created in collaboration with its other blue-chip brand partners such as IBM, Euronews and Wolters Kluwer.

Coorpacademy co-founder Arnauld Mitre comments that, “Soft Skills underpin our economy, as well as our future in the fourth Industrial Age, and our partnership with Video Arts reflects the importance we place on this.”

“The user’s Learning Experience is completely pivotal to the Coorpacademy brand, and Video Arts’s award-winning comedy approach is another brilliant way of making the learning experience even more compelling.”

“We are delighted to be partnering with such a hugely well-respected premium content provider as Video Arts.”

Martin Addison, CEO of Video Arts, adds: “We are very excited about the partnership we have struck with Coorpacademy, whose approach to learning and focus on premium content makes it an ideal partner for us. We look forward to working together. ”

The announcement of the deal was first made in September at Coorpacademy’s ‘Are You Ready For The Skills Economy?event at the Swiss Embassy in London.