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Creating Sustained, Profitable Growth

Gemma Angharad is 36 years old and has developed a business giving strategic sales and marketing support small to medium…

Creating Sustained, Profitable Growth

17th January 2019


The purpose of Gemma Angharad is to provide SMEs with a full and unbreakable strategy to create competitive advantage and stabilise future growth. The business exists because there are so many companies who cope with structural fractures that go ignored, as nobody internally knows how to repair them so that they are completely solid again. Going into further detail about the services she provides, Gemma begins by informing us of the areas that she specialises in.

“The business works for any industry at any stage of growth – however, I have seen fantastic results in areas that I am extremely passionate about, these are manufacturing, engineering and Audiology.

“Initially, the business started because I had spotted a need for ongoing support in SMEs. They are all so superb at what they do in their industries, however they do not have the time for effective marketing and to be accountable for their activity.

“These businesses have often grown with little pre-planned sales and marketing structure, but through ‘feeling’ and instinct as opposed to strategy. Additionally, they tend to get to a turnover where they realise that they are in need of support. I realised that with my background in sales and marketing, global and local – I had something that they needed, and this set my soul on fire. I adore walking into a situation, analysing and observing, planning and strategising then implementing and growing. You have to take people on the journey with you, which is a challenge in itself as people generally are opposed to change. You have to be careful not to make too many changes too soon and, protect the company reputation and culture at all costs.

“Business owners would say to me ‘We need a Gem’ and I thought – yes, you do! That is why I set the business up, I was determined and committed to provide the services I could offer to the businesses I knew needed it.”

When discussing the key qualities which enable her to be a success within the field, Gemma is keen to highlight how she provides clients with a great level of customer service by understanding the customer first, Gemma explains.

“If I am unable to spend the time getting to know the customer and their nuances, their desires for the future and their pain points – I have nothing. In fact, I have turned business down when the customer wants to run before they can walk, as I know I won’t be doing the service justice if I can’t get under the skin of really what is required.

“Once I have observed and researched, I go back to the customer and reiterate what we agreed at the start of our journey. I get them to verbalise what they want now and see if it matches up to what they wanted then and what I am delivering.

“Additionally, both planning and implementation are huge in my role, as there is no point in me creating an in-depth strategy document with a beautiful ‘book’ if it’s not being lived and breathed every day by the people concerned. In my eyes, bad customer service would be for me to put in all the work for the document and then just disappear – which I know is what a lot of consultants do. I have to be there virtually, with the teams, trying different ways of attacking things and getting their relationships with their customers better. I suppose that is my idea of good customer service, I improve the customer service with their customers at the ‘other end’.”

Looking ahead to what the future holds, Gemma signs off by revealing the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline, especially following her success in CV’s 2019 Marketing, PR & Design Awards as 2019’s Marketing Expert of the Year – Cardiff.

“Over the years, I have found a method that works and strategy development that has a 100% success rate if the customer follows the plan of action.

“My greatest achievements have been that I was student of the year for the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and also that I was at capacity for my business in six weeks of starting. It is also an achievement to have had consistent business since starting trading properly without any financial back up – every client I have worked with to date has asked me to stay on past the end of the contract which it testament to the work I put in for sure.

“In addition to this, I have seen other consultants and self-employed people struggle with resilience which I think is my best trait in business. I rarely spend time dwelling on the past, only what I can learn from it and how it will make me, my clients and the business better in future.”

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