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Education First.

GuruQ is a digital platform that helps students in India connect with the right tutors. We caught up with founder…

Education First

22nd July 2019


GuruQ is a digital platform that helps students in India connect with the right tutors. We caught up with founder and CEO, Minal Anand, to find out more about the platform and what it offers.

GuruQ, a unique and integrated digital platform that promises to bring high quality standards and new age methodologies to the way education is imparted in India. Founded by Minal Anand and Jai Karan Anand, the platform can help alleviate the fears that parents may have over their child receiving the right education.

Minal explains more: “A child’s education is the biggest concern for parents. They are forever anxious to know if they are doing enough. With the constant worry, and no control over what their child learns at school, this worry is best addressed by extra-schooling taken after school, which is the flagship offering of GuruQ.”

Finding the right tutors is challenging as all parents want someone reliable, accountable and learned, with a good teaching background, who can provide a quality education for their child, as well as suit their budget. GuruQ aims to address this need and by bringing a single, simplified and cohesive ed-tech platform that provides on-demand tutoring with adherence to global quality standards. GuruQ was founded on the premise that every student can be successful provided they get the right guidance by the right people, at the right time, and in the right manner.

Minal is a graduate in Business Administration from the School of Management at Boston University and has worked at companies such as Franklin Templeton and Citigroup to gain relevant experience on business planning,
GuruQ is a digital platform that helps students in India connect with the right tutors. We caught up with founder and CEO, Minal Anand, to find out more about the platform and what it offers.
Education First fundraising, enterprise design and structuring, and talent management. She returned to India to join Delhi-based HPL Additives as Manager of Corporate Development. However, the urge to do something in the field of education drove Minal to explore the ed-tech sector – one of India’s most prolific segments. She had previously taught several under privileged school students and it is this very experience that motivated her to pursue her idea.

“Curiosity, I believe, is the key to innovation,” Minal embellishes. “It drives you to probe more, discover more, learn more, and subsequently create something like never before. This philosophy has always played a vital role in my life.
“During my college education in USA, I saw a dramatic difference in the education system there, visà-vis that in India – its quality, the predominant use of digital platform and ground breaking teaching methodologies. Even back home, I witnessed a huge disparity between students who had studied abroad and those who had not. A big reason for this difference is that the educators in India are not well-equipped or well-versed in innovative teaching methods.

“It all starts from school education. Although schools in India are making considerable efforts in providing quality education, the teacher to student ratio in schools today does not allow teachers to devote quality time to every student. This demand for personalized attention that today’s curriculums require is met by home tuitions. Today, almost every child has some form of tuition. Hence, it becomes even more important to equip tutors with the latest teaching methodologies and keep them updated with international approaches in contributing to better learning. I knew what I wanted to do. My quest for doing something innovative made me delve deeper, understand the challenges and create a platform that would revolutionise home schooling”.
With the GuruQ platform, students are given different ways to find tutors as per their exact requirements. Since students today are pressed for time, we help them save it by providing tuitions completely at their convenience. Students can personalize their tuitions classes with respect to the mode of class (offline or online), type of class (individual or group) and budget.

They can select a tutor and book classes at short notice and/or even booking them with selected tutors by the hour for special needs such as revision and exam preparation. Even parents can keep track of their child’s progress online and seek feedback when they want to.“We’re one-of-a-kind digital platform where tutors can connect with and teach students, gain recognition, manage time efficiently and increase earnings. Students and parents can choose tutors on the basis of past reviews and ratings, manage timetables, and assess progress and more. Our esteemed Academic Board will help mentor tutors and provide programs for their continuous evolution. We also plan to work with various NGOs to educate underprivileged children by holding classes in remote rural areas.”

GuruQ is forever on the lookout for enthusiastic, experienced and qualified tutors with the right aptitude and attitude. Tutors undergo a stringent multi-level vetting process (includes verifying their knowledge, qualifications, experience, skills, teaching techniques & background) and only the best tutors are inducted into the GuruQ community. Once part of the GuruQ family, the tutors are then given a proper orientation in which they are familiarized with the GuruQ quality standards, modern global teaching tips, techniques and methodologies.

They are also trained to use the GuruQ digital platform and tutor dashboard to simplify their lives, teach & manage their students efficiently. Through the dashboard they can manage their schedules, classes & students and create & send notes, assignments, tests and exams.


“GuruQ strives to become the leading aggregator of tutors (individual or entities) and tuition services in India,” finishes Minal. “Our focus will always be to assure our leaners of the highest quality, standards, reliability and safety.”

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