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Elements of Web Design That Are Crucial to Ensuring Repeat Traffic.

In the modern-day, several website essentials can assist in growing a start-up business. Over the years, digitalisation has revolutionised a…

Elements of Web Design That Are Crucial to Ensuring Repeat Traffic

25th September 2019


In the modern-day, several website essentials can assist in growing a start-up business. Over the years, digitalisation has revolutionised a number of different industries. Additionally, for organisations that are looking to find their feet within increasingly competitive markets, having a well-designed online platform can make a huge difference. With this in mind, we’re going to outline some of the most crucial elements of website design that contribute to ensuring repeat traffic.

A Consistent Theme


While many factors contribute to the creation of a successful website, having a clear theme mustn’t be overlooked. First opinions are hard to change, and, as a result, making a positive impact is vital as consumers will form an impression within seconds of accessing any website. Although simplicity is advised in other markets, 66 per cent of people would prefer a well-designed platform over something nondescript. A consistent theme will determine a website’s aesthetics, and, if chosen correctly, will hold visitor interests.

In recent times, appropriately selected website themes have contributed to the growth of many digital markets, including online casinos. Award-winning platforms such as Mr Green implement various stylistic elements into their live betting and casino opportunities, along with also developing contemporary slot titles that follow specific themes. Starburst, for example, has been created with a space-orientated theme, while Book of Ra delves into the mysterious world of ancient Egypt – not only in its gameplay but also its overall design – in seeking to attract and retain the interests of consumers.

Colour and Font Choice

Even though it may be an overlooked aspect of web design, typography is at the heart of any successful website. While selecting a vast array of different fonts isn’t advisable, there must be enough to ensure that the numerous sections are easily differentiated. Much like when selecting a theme, too much variation can result in webpages lacking purpose. Crucially, the chosen font, like colour, must evoke positive emotions within the visitor to increase the chances of generating repeat traffic.

Additionally, choosing the right colour for any font is also vital. After selecting the theme, ensuring that the text is readable and contrasts any background colours plays a big role in increasingly readability. Moreover, along with being unique to businesses, colours such as blue, green, violet and yellow create a calming environment that is more enjoyable to prospective customers.

User-Friendly Focus


For those looking to maximise web traffic, having a user-friendly site is essential. According to a recent study, 88 per cent of Americans experience negative feelings including annoyance and disrespect when websites perform poorly. As mentioned above, first impressions count for a lot, and that makes minimal load time pivotal. Components should fully load in approximately five seconds – any longer than that, and users are likely to focus their attentions elsewhere.

Of course, digital platforms should be created with the users in mind, and with people of different abilities now online, navigation needs to be as simple as possible across multiple devices. According to research by Google, 40 per cent of users who struggle to access a mobile website will go to a competitor’s site instead. Ultimately, not only does a user-friendly focus attract new customers, but it also plays a vital role in retaining existing visitors.

Poor Websites Can Drive Users to Competitors

Inadequate designs and complicated layouts can be the difference between success and failure. However, for each of the elements mentioned, ensuring that they are carefully integrated, regularly updated, and suitably structured can be the catalyst to thrive in the digital era.

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