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Great Ideas Brilliantly Executed.

Stocks Taylor Benson Limited are graphic designers with studios in Leicester, Leeds and London. Recently, the company found success in…

Great Ideas Brilliantly Executed

13th May 2019


Stocks Taylor Benson Limited are graphic designers with studios in Leicester, Leeds and London. Recently, the company found success in CV’s 2019 Marketing, PR & Design Awards. On the back of their win, we profiled the company and caught up Greg Jolley who provided us with a detailed insight into how the team creates beautiful graphic designs.

Established in 1988, Stocks Taylor Benson Limited (STB) have been creating and producing brilliant graphic design. With a diverse portfolio which is still continuing to grow, with unique and innovative design projects to spark the imagination, STB have no marketing jargon or overinflated titles – just great ideas which have been brilliantly executed.
Priding themselves on creating and delivering creative designs, the team at STB produce innovative solutions for their clients design needs. Going into further detail, Greg begins by informing us of how STB do things differently from other companies within their respected industry.

“By differently, we mean simpler and straight forward. Our wealth of experience of turning great ideas into effective designs speaks for itself. Whether they’re big ones or small ones, ideas have always defined our design and we find the best way to unleash their potential is with good old-fashioned pen and paper. Our ability to draw enables us to get to the heart of the brief quickly and efficiently. This process helps us to create impactful, original and unique graphic design solutions every time.”
Working behind the scenes to ensure that deadlines are met, goals are achieved and designs are executed to a high standard is dedicated, passionate team of talented individuals who form the backbone of STB. When discussing the internal culture, Greg is delighted to highlight the significant role the team play in the overall success of the award-winning studios, and how they ensure they deliver a service which not only fulfils the requirements of their clients but also surpasses their expectations.

“Here at STB, we work as a team. Consistently crafting brilliant graphic design, we rely on having a close-knit team of design experts who work alongside one another to create exceptional graphic design. However that being said, we are unable to do it all on our own. Brilliant work relies on having brilliant relationships, and we believe in creating ‘brilliant’ together with our clients.
Recently, STB found success in Corporate Vision’s 2019 Marketing, PR & Design Awards where they were righteously awarded the title 2019’s Leading Specialists in Graphic Design – United Kingdom. Discussing the win, Greg gives advice to those who are seeking success within the industry as an independent graphic design business similar to the one of STB’s.
“To be a successful independent graphic design business for over 30 years is the best testament to our expertise, philosophy, quality and drive in a very competitive industry.

Looking ahead to what the future holds, STB will continue to provide their award-winning service, and brilliantly crafted graphic design pieces, especially having just opened a new studio in Leeds. Currently, STB now have design studios in Leicester,
London and Leeds but they hope to expand the business even further in the years to come.

Company: Stocks Taylor Benson Limited



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