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Hungary for Excellence

Where the different branches of IT were once separate, they have become increasingly interconnected, and businesses nowadays have to remain…

Hungary for Excellence

21st November 2019


Where the different branches of IT were once separate, they have become increasingly interconnected, and businesses nowadays have to remain on top of developments across the entire spectrum in order to maximise their usefulness in daily proceedings. Hungarian firm Kerubiel Ltd. is committed to helping their clients navigate the complex digital world through personalised counselling. Discover more about how this firm became Hungary’s Most Outstanding IT Security Consultancy of 2019.

Founded in 2017, Kerubiel was established with one simple goal in mind; to bring together expertise in IT, security, and data protection to offer clients complex, bespoke, and rapid counselling. As those three areas have become more and more connected thanks to the introduction of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), experts within those fields have had to work closer together to continue ensuring that clients get the most up-todate information.

Kerubiel’s primary purpose is to help clients become ready to process information and personal data securely, in accordance with the European Union’s GDPR, and other relevant rules and regulations. Offering IT audits, security counselling, risk assessments, GDPR counselling, data protection audits, outsourced activities, training, and education, the firm is ensuring that every piece of personal data that a company uses is protected to the highest standard.

Specialising in information and data management frameworks, the firm works in two keys ways.

On the one hand, Kerubiel assesses their clients’ current measures, defining and understanding their current capabilities and practices. From there, the firm then propose solutions to help improve the security and compliance of their clients’ products, operations and other activities. Holding themselves and their clients to the highest possible standards, this Hungarian firm works with state-of-the-art IT standards, such as ISO 27000. This focuses on the assessment of IT infrastructure, identifying IT system availability, potentially risky factors, and security or operational failures.

In order to apply and uphold the ISO 27000 standards, Kerubiel utilises specific assessments, such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s NIST 800-53 to help identify gaps within IT systems with a focus on controls, time and budget. With the information gathered through these methods, the firm provides the client with information on their own IT systems, and how best to address any deficiencies.

The second of the key ways in which the firm work is counselling around data protection compliance. Since the introduction and implementation of GDPR, IT and information security have become inexplicably linked to data protection issues. Awareness has risen, and companies are on the lookout for more ways to enhance their own security and compliance so as to not get caught out, and potentially lose business.

Ensuring that clients apply effective measures and comply with GDPR regulations can therefore prove to be not just digitally smart, but competitively advantageous for clients as well. Rather than simply exploit their own expertise for financial gain, the team at Kerubiel seek to inspire clients that following rules and regulations can be majorly beneficial in many ways.

A medium enterprise with an ever-growing clientele, Kerubiel has worked alongside multinational corporations and micro enterprises across a variety of industries including healthcare, insurance, and finance amongst a myriad of others. Rather than wait for clients to realise their need of the firm’s services, the team strive to make themselves known and seek direct contact with clients in establishing strong relationships from the start of an interaction.

Within the consultancy business, it can be wrongly assumed that businesses aim to offer advice that is simply gathered without further exploration and assessment of the clients’ business. Kerubiel’s desire to make early contact demonstrates a keen interest in offering personalised advice, that has been crafted in tandem with crucial information on matters that are important to the client.

For those working in IT and technology-based industries, innovation is a constant requirement to stay ahead of developments. All staff working at Kerubiel have admirable levels of curiosity, open-mindedness and constant self-improvement that guide their work. The rapid advancement of technology constantly presents unique opportunities for the betterment of both the client and the firm’s success.

Under the sage guidance of CEO Laszló György Dellei, Kerubiel has continued to grow and thrive in the few years since its formation. One of the leading experts within the field of IT and data protection across Hungary, Laszló wholly encourages his staff to seek out new challenges, more knowledge, better ideas, and exciting technologies and experiences to benefit the firm and its clientele. Bringing this approach of lifelong learning in constant pursuit of corporate excellence, Laszló has seen his business grow from success to success in the short two years of its existence.

As 2019 has come and gone, more national and European Union regulations regarding data protection have come into play
for companies and corporations across the continent. Hungarian lawmakers are continuing to develop GDPR-compliant laws and digital privacy regulations that will bring new challenges for all. Kerubiel’s vision moving forward is to utilise its international expertise across EU member countries, and become one of the leading experts in IT, information security, and data protection across the whole of Europe.

However, for all its benefits and how hugely beneficial technology continues to be for humanity, it is also enormously risky. Cybercrime rates have skyrocketed, and they are becoming increasingly costly to deal with when they happen. With data being one of the most valuable commodities in the world today, security breaches can prove devastating to the operations and income of a company. Misuse of personal data of individuals can be hugely inconvenient, but attacks on public services can cripple entire societies and populations. Kerubiel is working to increase their own operational services to include cyber-security and how best they can consult companies on ensuring they are as protected as they can be.

Kerubiel’s mission may have only just begun, but their success is clear for all to see. Constantly developing and overcoming challenges; this firm will continue to explore and exploit the advantages of technology to streamline businesses and help keep society moving in the right direction for years to come.

Contact: Laszló Dellei
E-mail: [email protected]
Mobile: +36(30)691 6421

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