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Ideal job roles for the retired.

The National Statistic had released figures that shown that there were 11.9 million UK residents aged 65+ in 2015, which…

Ideal job roles for the retired

7th February 2019


The National Statistic had released figures that show that there were 11.9 million UK residents aged 65+ in 2015, which is 18% of the nation’s entire population. As the increasing population of those either just about to retire or are already experiencing retirement, award-winning stairlift manufacturer Acorn Stairlifts has provided this guide to some job roles that are perfect for older citizens…

Sports Coach
Are you eager to pass on your wisdom and knowledge down to the next generation, and have a passion for sport? Then sports coach is perfect for you during your elderly years.

A long with extra money that will come your way once you begin coaching, being a sports coach brings great benefits to your health as you remain active and the pursuit will provide you with the opportunity to work outdoors.

Customer Service Representative
If you know your way around a computer, enjoy chatting over the phone and chat software than a customer service representative could be the role for you in your elderly years.

The role of a customer service representative is to answer any question and queries related to a product or service, as well as taking reservations for a company or troubleshooting any issues. What’s more, you’ll spend the majority of your time in the job sitting down — perfect if you have low mobility. Don’t be surprised if you have the chance to work from home in this role either, making the job even more accessible.

Do you have a degree or have gained specialized experience within a certain sector during your years of employment? Then consulting may be a perfect career for you during your retirement years.

If you loved the industry that you worked in then you should have a keen interest in this role. This is because being a consultant allows you to make great use of your expertise, network and years of experience. From accounting to bookkeeping, and engineering to website development, these are all skills which can work in your favour as a consultant. It’s also an opportunity that’s available to so many people.

Opportunities within the education sector
The education sector offers many opportunities for recruitment for the older generation. Your services could prove useful to all types of schools, for instance, as everywhere from preschools to elementary establishments and private schools are regularly looking to hire people as:

·         Administrative workers

·         Bus drivers & bus monitors

·         Crossing guards

·         Help in the cafeteria

·         Librarians

·         Teacher’s assistants

·         Tutors

The universities and colleges tend to regularly hire adjunct professors as well. This role will see you teaching students about your area of expertise. Online programs are available by many higher education establishments now too, which eases the pressure a little by allowing senior citizens to teach from the comfort of their own home.

Librarians, student advisors, tutors and Department office assistants are often needed at colleges and universities too. There’s even the possibility to branch out on your own and teach an ongoing education class at a senior centre, a local community college or via an adult education program.

Whichever job takes your interest, take note that you can work on your own terms when you fill in a role during retirement. On top of this, a lot of companies will appreciate the unmatched experience that older workers boast.


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