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Robust, Collaborative And Multi-Language Workforce Management Software.

Ximble delivers an intuitive, web-based employee scheduling, time and attendance solution that helps companies to streamline and automate their workforce…

Robust, Collaborative And Multi-Language Workforce Management Software

6th March 2019


Ximble delivers an intuitive, web-based employee scheduling, time and attendance solution that helps companies to streamline and automate their workforce operations. Recently, we caught up CEO, Peter Swaniker who provided us with a glimpse into the inner workings of the firm.

Please give us a brief overview of your company, your clients and the services you offer?

Ximble is an intuitive, cloud-based staff scheduling and time tracking solution catering for small and medium-sized businesses. Our scheduling system saves companies time and money, while our flexible time tracking options include facial recognition and mobile clocking within geofences. Also, our clients are located in 34 countries and in a variety of industries, including services, hospitality, and retail.

What differentiates your firm from your competitors and marks you out as the best possible option for your clients?

We separate ourselves from our competitors in several key ways. Firstly, unlike many of our competitors, we provide an equally comprehensive experience in both scheduling and time tracking. Secondly, we maintain a focus on user experience – this means intuitive design, responsiveness to user needs, and native mobile app functionality equal to that of our desktop app. Finally, we make a commitment to customer service, with our friendly and experienced support team available 24/7.

What does the future hold for your firm? Do you have any future plans or projects you would like to share with us?

We are always working on developing our product. Our system will be able to take into account multiple pay differentials and unlimited overtime rules. This ensures companies will more easily remain compliant, even when operating in various jurisdictions with conflicting legislation. Most importantly, it will produce perfect payroll data which never needs to be corrected before pay day.

With regards to your industry, what developments do you foresee and how will you adapt around these?

The staff scheduling and time tracking industry is developing rapidly, and I see no signs of it slowing down. I foresee that soon facial recognition technology may well become the industry standard. Becoming ever more reliable, and increasingly trusted by employees, firms that don’t offer this feature may be left behind.

As a company, we seek to lead change rather than being forced to adapt. The facial recognition technology used for our time tracking is advanced, and we think the safest way to survive in a rapidly changing industry is to lead the pack.

Is there anything you would like to add?

A final subject which I, along with everyone at Ximble, am very excited about is our recently released Demand Forecasting feature. It is now possible to use historical sales data and artificial intelligence to create perfectly optimized schedules. This exemplifies our goal of not merely simplifying employee time management and saving companies time, but also using the latest technology to create incredibly efficient processes, which would previously have been unattainable.

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