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ZorroSign, an eSignature and Digital Transaction Management platform built on Blockchain, that allows businesses to transact digitally in a legal, safe and secure way therefore allowing the business to go paperless. We caught up with co-founder and CEO, Shamsh Hadi for insight into the innovative solutions the firm provides to their customers. 

ZorroSign, an eSignature and Digital Transaction Management platform built on Blockchain, that allows businesses to transact digitally in a legal, safe and secure way therefore allowing the business to go paperless. ZorroSign is one of the pioneers in electronic signature and the developer of a complete Digital Transaction Management (DTM) platform.

ZorroSign’s core business is in electronic and digital signatures, Digital Transaction Management, user privacy and document security. Mr. Hadi shares the three significant differentiations in ZorroSign’s solution.

First, ZorroSign uses real electronic signatures that are legally acceptable in the court of law without need for third party intervention or verification. Second, to eliminate hard dependency on third party digital security certificates that expire frequently rendering legal documents useless in many cases, ZorroSign issues its own security certificates while working with the combination of digital and electronic signatures. Third, ZorroSign uses proprietary technology to ensure the sanctity of digital documents. It detects when electronically signed documents, both digital copy and printed versions, have been tampered with, revised, revoked, cancelled or signature forged.

“With ZorroSign, security and privacy of users, data, and transactions always come first. ZorroSign is the first permissions-based private blockchain technology based eSignature and Digital Transaction Management (DTM) platform that is grounded in security.”

As for the clients ZorroSign serves, Mr. Hadi explains how the team approaches and works alongside its customers and highlights the role the team plays in the success of ZorroSign and its customers.

“Here at ZorroSign, our solution is robust and flexible enough to server the smallest of SMB/SME businesses as well as mid to large enterprises. Many of our new customers come from word of mouth, referrals from our existing customers, and our partners. Additionally, our traditional sales approach and online marketing mix is helping us reach wider array of customers across all industries we serve.

“Our staff are the back bone of ZorroSign, and I am so proud to be working with each and every member of our team spanning across our offices worldwide. They are an integral part of every aspect of our solution and operations. The team is dedicated to its craft, leads by example by implementing a #Paperlesslife and are committed to going the extra mile to help our customers.”

To better appreciate the qualities ZorroSign possesses to enable it to be the success it is today, Mr. Hadi highlights the key factors which have helped the firm achieve remarkable results.

“At ZorroSign, our success is directly tied to the success and happiness of our customers. Our comprehensive solution including our state-of-the-art technology, support for all types of businesses and wide array of use cases and business processes, 24/7 services and support, customer education, and dedicated staff; all come together to deliver successful deployments of ZorroSign for all our customers.

We are lucky to have customers who are not only satisfied with our solution but also support our efforts and recommend us to their peers. Today ZorroSign serves many industries such as financial services, real estate, insurance, legal, hospitality, government, and healthcare.”

Recently, Mr. Hadi found success in Corporate Vision’s 2018 CEO Awards in which he was awarded the accolade CEO of the Year 2018 – United Arab Emirates. Whilst on the topic of the win, Mr. Hadi reveals what it means to have been selected, as well as reflecting on the impact ZorroSign has had on their customers within the UAE.

“I am very delighted to be presented with this prestigious award. UAE and especially Dubai is a leader in implementing the best and latest technologies for the benefit of their citizens and residents.

The impact that ZorroSign has been able to make with the government departments and other customers in UAE has been tremendous. We are also extremely happy to be a facilitator with the Dubai Paperless Strategy and making a positive impact on the environment.”

Looking ahead, Mr. Hadi envisions what the future has in store for the firm, revealing the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for ZorroSign.

“Having implemented the encrypted ledger-based transactional security measures, the next set of challenges to overcome will be continuing in the area of user experience, implementing new security and authentication technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML). There are of course still so many opportunities and applications to be built using Blockchain. The industry as a whole is also going to see tremendous advancements in the area of mobile technology. Overall, we are just getting started and I just cannot wait for you to see what we have in store!”

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Contact Name: Shamsh Hadi

Company: ZorroSign, Inc.

Address: 350 Rhode Island St. South Building, Suite 240, San Francisco, 94103, California, United States of America

Telephone: 855 967 7676