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Sterling Sales Firm Secure Success.

As technology continues to permeate almost every area of life and business in the twenty-first century, standing out in a…

Sterling Sales Firm Secure Success

13th December 2019


As technology continues to permeate almost every area of life and business in the twenty-first century, standing out in a crowd of businesses clamouring for attention is important. Helping biopharmaceutical and medical device organisations do just that, is Delta Point Inc. who has become one of the most influential leaders in sales and marketing across the United States. Discover more about their remarkable success as we profile the dynamic firm.

In a world that is obsessed with customer interaction, brand awareness, and standing out amongst highly-competitive markets, Delta Point acts as a premier life sciences consulting firm to help boost those areas for medicinal companies. Based on the renowned philosophies of best-selling author and nationallyrecognised sales expert Jerry Acuff, the firm operate with the belief that valued relationships result in business impact. By becoming true partners that are fully entrenched in client brands, the firm work tirelessly to help increase awareness, overcome challenges, drive business growth, and deliver a values-led culture.

Having worked with fifteen out of the top one hundred companies in the world, Delta Point teach sales and marketing organisations how to encourage growth and engagement. Accelerating the sales of products that are underperforming, or in a highly competitive market, the advice can be applied to most major industries and sectors. As well as the pharmaceutical and biotech companies that the team at Delta Point works closely with, they also serve a number of major car rental firms, financial advisors, realtors, veterinary companies, and many others.

Sales force can often be the aspect that makes or breaks a product, determining whether or not it is hugely successful and worth pursuing, or if it is moderately successful and could possibly cost the company in the long run. Delta Point’s teaching aims at showing organisations and individuals within companies how to maximise sales force and engagement in a myriad of different ways.

Those areas stretch far and wide, with expertise in each of them ensuring that any client of Delta Point is getting the best advice, sales and marketing strategies that money can buy in the twenty-first century. From building valuable business relationships in important situations, to thinking like the customer in selling situations, there is plenty on offer that clients are encouraged to take advantage of. Other notable lessons that the firm can teach include teaching sales leaders how to coach sales people through a Coaching Catalyst programme, and helping marketing teams develop campaigns that get clients to strongly consider products.

Another exciting area that Delta Point work in is offering workshops for sales and marketing teams, prompting them to ask their clients and potential end-users the right questions. More than the surface-level questions that every salesperson seems to ask, but the penetrating ones that get the client to want to answer, with honesty about how the product might affect their lives for the better.

From the top down right the way through the company, the staff are what have made Delta Point into the success it is today. Over the course of eighteen years, employees at the firm have continued to be the best consultants and trainers across all the industries that they serve. Staff are continually creative, customer-focused and completely driven in their desire to contribute something to the success of the firm. Excellence, integrity and innovation are the beating heart of the firm, and staff play a crucial role in developing all three, from the interns right up to the President of the company.

During the years since the turn of the century, the company has seen increased longevity with its clients and large amount of repeat service, thanks to the hard work and dedication that staff constantly display. With more than 90% of business coming from current clients or referrals, the fact that people are talking about how good Delta Point are means only good things moving forward for the firm.

However, for all their success within the biopharmaceutical and medicinal industries, Delta Point’s work does not come without challenges. One continuing trend has seen a steady decline in the number of sales representatives working in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology space. In spite of the apparently problematic nature that fact may initially appear as, it actually is a bonus for the company.

With there being fewer calls being made from sales representatives, each call becomes infinitely more important to get right. The need for sales improvement training has increased drastically, to ensure that sales reps working in the industry are being as
effective as they possibly can be. Delta Point have assured clients that they are going nowhere, and are more determined than ever to help individual salespeople get the support they need to stay on top of their game and deliver for their companies.

Looking to the future, continuing to develop their technological skills and platform-based work is paramount to the ongoing success of Delta Point. With plans including expansion of sales coaching platforms, and continuing provision of virtual training on the cards, salespeople of the future can rest easy in the knowledge that as times and industries progress, so too will the firm helping them stay afloat.

One of the other major benefits to hosting virtual training on a digital platform is that clients can continually revisit and reutilise the ideas and concepts that Delta Point teach. As well as enabling clients to be able to access training materials around the clock, the firm also plans to do more work in helping marketing teams develop campaigns that lead to sales dialogue which have impact, and eventually branch into technology-based industries.
Rather than spend hours poring over a business to try and figure out how a one-size-fits-all solution can work for a client, Delta Point themselves work for their clients. Diagnosing unique situations and offering bespoke practical solutions to help address those situations, the firm don’t just tell their clients what to do to fix a problem; they teach them how to do it. Partnering with their clients to then execute that plan to perfection, the firm also stick around help keep those plans in place until they have become ingrained in everything the company does. That way, everybody wins and the client
can reap the rewards of the firm’s hard work.

Building on years of knowing what works and what doesn’t, there is no better firm to trust with sales and marketing consulting than Delta Point. With wisdom, excellence and insight at all levels, they are the perfect partner for any project or product in need of an injection of vibrancy and engagement.

Company: Delta Point Inc.
Contact: Jerry Acuff

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