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Supported By Decades of Software Engineering Experience

ScienceSoft is a software development and IT consulting company. Recently, ScienceSoft has received the CV Magazine Corporate Excellence Award: 2019’s…

Supported By Decades of Software Engineering Experience

5th January 2019


ScienceSoft is a software development and IT consulting company. Recently, ScienceSoft has received the CV Magazine Corporate Excellence Award: 2019’s Most Innovative Software Development Company – USA. Following this win, we caught up with ScienceSoft’s CEO, Nikolay Kurayev, who put us in the picture about the company’s main business directions, goals and plans for the future. 

Since their inception in 1989, ScienceSoft has provided the customers with tailored solutions, as well as offered them comprehensive advisory services – from the choice of technologies to the development of a digital transformation roadmap.
Having successfully implemented over 1,700 projects that include solutions based on cutting-edge technologies such as Big Data, AI, machine learning, AR and IOT, the ScienceSoft’s team has worked alongside dozens of Fortune 500 companies and has millions of satisfied users around the globe. Going into further detail, Nikolay begins by informing us of the key areas the firm specialises in, touching on the clients ScienceSoft serves and the steps the team takes to ensure they deliver an exceptional service.

“Here at ScienceSoft, we bring together our 30-year experience in software engineering and rich technology stack to develop enterprise-level custom software solutions and cover a wide range of related services. We perform web and mobile application design, development, testing, upgrade, migration, integration, monitoring, user training and support. We also provide professional IT consulting services on IT strategy development, digital transformation activities, custom and platform-based (SharePoint, Salesforce, Magento, ServiceNow, etc.) solution implementation and enhancements.”

“Our client base is comprised of mid-sized and large businesses based in the US and Europe, many of which come from manufacturing, healthcare, banking, retail and telecoms. To create truly custom solutions, we see to particular problems of each customer and develop the solution that will solve them in the best possible way. To effectively address the customer’s challenges, we take into consideration the company’s business specifics, goals, needs and plans and always focus on RIO of the solutions we provide and manage. We also offer flexible cooperation terms, so that every customer could get exactly what they need and on the conditions that they find most optimal.”

The backbone of ScienceSoft is a passionate, talented and committed team that enables the firm to deliver such a tailored service to their clients. When discussing the corporate culture, Nikolay is keen to highlight the significant role the employees play in the overall success of the firm.

“We believe that our people is a key ingredient of our success formula. As such, we provide employees with opportunities for personal and professional growth, so that they could help us reach new heights through their own achievements. We take the time to create individual development plans for each of our employees and let them gain their full potential. Along with this, a healthy lifestyle is a part of our company culture. ScienceSoft is concerned with providing access
to high-quality health and wellness services for its employees.”

Looking ahead to what the future holds, the company set as its primary goal the maintenance of their status of a trustworthy partner, delivering high-level service and solving complex business problems with effective, reliable and secure solutions. Bringing the interview to a close, Nikolay signs off by revealing the exciting plans the company has.
“Having consulting and custom software development as our core services, we will focus this year on the enhancement of enterprise application services. To improve the service we provide to our enterprise-level customers, we’ve developed a set of new service offerings that comprise management, modernization and integration of enterprise applications. With this, we will help them to simplify and optimize the operation of large and complex heterogeneous IT environments and grant application users stable, high-performing and up-todate solutions. In the long term, we believe that this may become one of the priority directions for our company.”

Company: ScienceSoft Address: 5900 S. Lake Forest Drive, Suite 300, McKinney, 75070, Texas, United States of America Telephone: +1 214 306 68 37

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