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Tarmin Recognized as a Leader in Data Management Solutions.

This data management and storage pioneer is pushing the boundaries with their unrivalled data driven infrastructure. Recently, Tarmin was selected…

Tarmin Recognized as a Leader in Data Management Solutions

20th August 2019


Data is at the forefront of enterprise innovation, useful only when acted upon and working in harmony across the entire data landscape. Tarmin built the GridBank Data Management Platform with the future in mind, solutions like these will change the way businesses compete and operate moving into the future of business digitalisation.

Dynamic, large and disparate volumes of data are being created by people, tools and machine at unprecedented rates. The focus has previously been on the ability to capture and store the vast amounts of data, until recently, where a fundamental shift has occurred placing utter importance on the technical capacity to consolidate, unify, analyze and generate insights to create a distinct advantage over the competition.

Tarmin, was established with the intent to fill the gap between traditional storage technologies, with the growing market need as data growth continues to rise alongside increasingly stringent

security, retention, disposal, and compliance regulations. As ill-equipped organizations continue to accumulate more data than they know what to do with, not only do their overheads significantly increase, but so do the risks associated with data protection, governance, security, regulatory compliance and data mobility.

Historically, businesses had no problem capturing data, but with the onslaught of machine generated data, the influx of information is too much for organizations to capture and react to the data in real time. In this day and age, organizations need a good strategy and data solution in place, the Tarmin GridBank Data Management Platform provides an innovative infrastructure which enables organizations to become more competitive and efficient, by unifying data silos into a consolidated, easily-accessible platform in order to convert data into consumable information for key decision makers to create insights, drive competition and improve customer loyalty.

Tarmin Recognized as a Leader in Data Management Solutions GridBank brings innovation to the backup and archiving market, as the most comprehensive and secure solution to meet organization’s needs. Specializing in archiving information, backup optimization, and enterprise data storage, Tarmin GridBank is supplying organizations all over the world with tailored solutions to modern day complex data management and storage requirements.

For organizations to thrive and take advantage of this digital era, they need to have the right solutions in place to handle it, today and in the future. Tarmin is successful because the company provides customized, bespoke data-focused business solutions, offering GridBank as a full-service end-to-end enterprise digital transformation platform. Recently, the company has begun satisfying the multifaceted requirements of one of Wall Street’s top global banks.

Tarmin GridBank has gained significant momentum with various clients and leaders across data-intensive industries, including financial services, healthcare, government organizations, education, telecommunication, oil and gas, and pharmaceuticals among others. Offering massive scalability, Tarmin allows organisations to scale their data linearly with additional nodes that grant unparalleled scale-as-you-grow flexibility.

Large quantities of data will continue to create significant advantages for those companies who are capable of exploiting it. By correctly collecting, managing, storing and employing these vast silos of data, organizations will see future success.Ultimately, the reason behind Tarmin’s success is their keen awareness of society’s progression into a more digital era. In a time where innovation in technology is advancing at an accelerated rate, this company is helping organizations in vital sectors digitize their data, bridging the gap between tradition and modernization.

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