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Ley-Line Advisory, Inc: Technology Support You Can Trust.

Drawing on its vast commercial enterprise technology experience, Ley-Line Advisory, Inc is a global IT services group providing Information Technology…

Ley-Line Advisory, Inc: Technology Support You Can Trust

22nd August 2019


Drawing on its vast commercial enterprise technology experience, Ley-Line Advisory, Inc is a global IT services group providing Information Technology advisory, consulting and integration services, specializing in Blockchain, Infrastructure, ERP and Cloud offerings. We profile this dynamic company to find out more about how it supports its diverse range of clients.

Originally founded in the 1990s and headquartered in Atlanta, GA, USA, Ley-Line Advisory was created to bridge gaps that exists between clients, professional services and software organizations. Ley-Line Advisory has a global reach with an international team from as far afield as USA, UK, Israel, India and Switzerland – providing the firm the ability to offer a global reach. Over the years the firm has successfully partnered with Fortune 500 and Global 2000 clients to implement, enhance, and support their technology platforms. Ley-Line Advisory believes each company is unique and no one organization possesses strength as well as all of the skills required to meet the demands of the ever-changing world of IT.

IT organizations are experiencing fundamental changes in their capabilities; capabilities that once served them well and still remain essential, but alone are inadequate to support innovation and organizational growth in the future. Ley-Line understands IT organizations can no longer hinder business demands and must actively participate in generating wealth and functionality for their organization through innovation. Managing these existing capabilities with the activities necessary to ready the organization for the future is difficult; cost overruns and mistakes are made, which unfortunately leads to the business not being satisfied with the results. Activities such as Blockchain, Digital Transformation, IoT (Internet of Things), predictive analysis, Artificial Intelligence (AI), complexity of cloud solutions, big data, engagement of management services and lifecycle management. Ley-Line Advisory assists organizations in overcoming these challenges and positions IT organizations for the future.

Ley-Line Advisory provides high-quality service by focusing on three critical elements: People, Process and Technologies. Ley-Line has a diverse range of partners; which include C-Suite Leaders from large global consulting companies, seasoned and road-tested business and functional analyst with international experience, as well as highly skilled and market ready technicians. This diversity of experience provides a unique perspective allowing Ley-Line to navigate their clients through a wide range of services including full lifecycle initiatives, from conceptualization and planning all the way to design, deployment, migration, integration, sustainment and more. Ley-Line Advisory believes in bringing the most value with the best and the brightest individuals to fill gaps within a solution; individuals that make a real difference. Together they strive towards a common goal: get-in, do it right the first time, and then be available to help with the next challenge.

Ley-Line Advisory has developed, through their partners, collective knowledge, processes that are customized for each client. Every best practice must be tweaked as Ley-Line has experienced that one-size will not fit all.

In order to ensure Ley-Line Advisory continues to provide quality service, education is paramount to staying on the cutting edge of technology. Ley-Line takes pride in ensuring team members stay abreast on the latest tools and emerging technology. Ley-Line resources are afforded opportunities to attend seminars and conventions as well as educational summits.

Ley-Line is committed to providing each of its clients with quality technology solutions and services that will strengthen the client’s core platform to provide long-term benefits. The firms’ success is measured on the partnerships that are built and the engagements they grow with. Premier service and results are the firm’s ongoing focus as it seeks to remain at the forefront of emerging market developments and works with its industry partners to offer clients cutting-edge solutions that will meet their ever-evolving needs and exceed their constantly rising expectations.

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