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Turning Your Product Idea into Reality

Everyone has a good business idea every once in a while. Of course, “good” is quite subjective here, as the…

Turning Your Product Idea into Reality

19th December 2019


Everyone has a good business idea every once in a while. Of course, “good” is quite subjective here, as the true quality of the idea is always obscured by your own personal perceptions. But if you never even give those thoughts a try, there’s no way to know if they are actually worthwhile or not. That’s what separates successful entrepreneurs from the rest – they are actually willing to take that important first step and get their hands dirty trying to bring their idea into the world. If you want to go down that path, there are some things you should keep in mind.

Have a Good Business Plan

Having an idea is not the same as having a viable business plan. The latter takes some time and effort to build, but it’s important because you will need guidance along the way. Even if your plan doesn’t work out entirely – and few ever do – it’s still important to have some critical milestones set so that you can track your progress related to them. If you see that you’re hitting all those checkpoints faster than anticipated, that’s a good sign that you’re doing things right.

Sort Out Funding in Advance

Funding is going to be one of your biggest obstacles, especially if you’ve never done anything in the business world before. Maybe you have some money saved up, but even that might not be enough for some ideas. You should know what your options are for taking out a loan, especially when it comes to some special types of loans, like for real estate if your business idea will require a physical site. Sites like Crediful can be incredibly useful for this, as they can give you a good overview of the lending market around you in general, and point you in the right direction for the loans that can benefit you the most.

Promotion Will Be Crucial

You will not survive without active promotion. Especially not today in this heavily digital world. There are many ways to improve the exposure of your company, and you should look into them early on. Social media can be great for a more natural, organic campaign, but it’s not all there is. Simply setting up a website and promoting it in the right channels can be very beneficial on its own, at least when it’s done by the right specialists. And that brings us to another important point – you will need a competent partner for your promotion. While it’s possible that you may be able to do this on your own, it’s not very likely, unless you have specific expertise in the field of marketing. Give yourself some peace of mind and know that the job is done right by hiring someone competent.

Don’t Forget Customer Support!

A common mistake made by beginner entrepreneurs is to focus all their efforts into the main launch of the product, expecting to kick back and relax afterward. The truth is that the hard work is just beginning at that stage. You’ll need to put a lot of active effort into providing support for your customers, no matter if you’re selling a physical product or a virtual one. Things are definitely going to be more complicated with physical goods though because then you have to consider things like returns, repairs, and many other similar factors. If you’re not prepared for that in advance, it can ruin your company before you’ve even had a chance to figure out what’s going on.


Sooner or later, you’ll need to expand. This is the ultimate goal of any company, after all, and yours will likely be no different. Even if you’re comfortable treating it as a source of side income, this will not be a sustainable model in the long run. This should ideally be part of your initial business plan. But with the way a company can expand in many different directions, it can be hard to predict its expansion needs at such an early stage. This is why it’s important to constantly revise your plan and touch it up on points that might be relevant to your future expansion and growth. Talk to specialists to prevent some of the common problems in this regard.

Some time from now, you might be looking at a very successful product on your hands, or you might be looking into closing down your company. The latter shouldn’t disappoint you though. At least you tried – and that already separates you from a large number of your peers. Even if you didn’t succeed in the end, you’ve gathered a lot of valuable experience that can help you in your next launch.

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