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Unstoppable Force.

SecuX Technology Inc. is a blockchain security company, which is dedicated to developing comprehensive security products and services to ensure…

Unstoppable Force

19th December 2019


Unstoppable Force

SecuX Technology Inc. is a blockchain security company, which is dedicated to developing comprehensive security products and services to ensure that their clients’ valuable digital assets are secure in blockchain. Having recently been recognized as the best cross-platform crypto hardware wallets for 2019, we profiled the firm and caught up with Founder and CEO, Dr. Peter Chen to discover more about his company’s innovative solutions and award-winning service.

Established in 2018 by Dr. Peter Chen, SecuX Technology is formed of a group of enthusiastic and experienced IT professional of relevant high-tech fields, which includes information Security Management, FinTech, Cryptocurrency Economy Engineering, 5G Connectivity and IoT Technology to name but a few. Today, the firm primarily focuses on blockchain cryptocurrency hardware wallet and cryptocurrency retail payment systems for the physical stores, self-vending machines, kiosk, etc. Moreover, security solutions that surround Blockchain, Fintech, Cyber Technology and IoT are the company’s specialties.

Throughout the years, the team at SecuX Technology has attended a number of international exhibitions, conferences and seminars that are related to IT, Consumer Electronics, Blockchain, FinTech, etc. to approach potential customers. Alongside this, another approach the firm uses is using online media platforms to spread their ideas and services across the globe, as Dr. Chen is keen to explain.

“This approach reaches those who have similar frequency on thoughts, and that is why we look forward to a partnership even a friendship with great media to introduce our solutions to those who may need from us. The overall purpose is to serve the customers worldwide from the massive end-users to a dedicated enterprise firm.”

Having established a solid client base, which spans a range of sectors and firms are varying sizes, it is no surprise that SecuX Technology has achieved such an extraordinary level of success in such a short span of time. When discussing the success of SecuX Technology, Dr. Chen touches on the significant role the team has played in helping the firm reach such extraordinary heights.

“They key to success for a company is to cultivate a freestyle, innovative and inspiring working environment. Once a good atmosphere is formed, it will attract more outstanding talents. Then a serial accomplishment will be done and accumulated through daily endeavors by this hard-working team. As such, every employee at SecuX Technology can fully express their opinions and talents to their heart’s contents.”

The future looks bright for the team at SecuX Technology as they anticipate that they will be playing a significant role in the field of blockchain, and also welcome a mutual winwin partnership from abroad. In addition to this, Dr. Chen envisions that there will be security related devices available on the market, which will help people to not only secure their valuable personal data and digital assets, but they will also be able to use them conveniently, easily and most of all, comfortably as joyful experiences within their daily lives.

2019 has already proven to be a successful year for the firm, especially following the launch of their cryptocurrency hardware wallet in early Q2, which is part of their first product line. To date, the product has received countless five star reviews on Amazon since the last quarter, and the physical cryptocurrency store payment terminal will be
available in Q1 2020, which the team expect will bring more satisfactory solutions to various retail shop owners – a trend that they hope to maintain in the years to come.


Contact: Patrick Wang
Address: No. 27, Guanxin Rd., Hsinchu City, 30072, Taiwan
Telephone: +886 356 70245
Web Address:

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