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Why are Apple’s Keynote presentations so successful?.

It’s fair to say that Apple’s Keynote events are usually an anticipated spectacle showcasing new product launches and announcing updates,…

Why are Apple’s Keynote presentations so successful?

2nd July 2019


It’s fair to say that Apple’s Keynote events are usually an anticipated spectacle showcasing new product launches and announcing updates, often leaving Apple fans in a frenzy.

From their most famous and game-changing presentation of the first iPhone in 2007, right up to the present day, Apple have continued to deliver their new product announcements in a slick and impressive way to their audience. Following Steve Job’s legacy, Tim Cook has been maintaining these brilliant presentations that the brand create year on year.

So what is it exactly that makes them stand out from their competitors? Behind the excitement of new products, why do we as fans still anticipate these events? Each year we’re reminded just how far ahead Apple are of their competition and there are several reasons why this is the case.

The team here at Abraxas photography and cinematography have outlined the key elements that make Apple’s presentations innovative and unique within the technology industry.

Minimalistic approach

How we create and present slide shows has changed drastically in recent years. Packing as much information as you can onto each side and reading it word for word, is something many turned to years ago, as it was the standard way of public speaking. However, Apple have gone against this model for some time now, creating very ‘basic’ slides that show a single image or a couple of bullet points, allowing their speakers to do the talking.

By keeping a minimalistic approach to their slides, Apple’s audience focus on the speaker rather than reading several bullet points. It allows the likes of Tim Cook and Johnny Ivy the ability to describe the product, update or changes in a detailed way that becomes more personable.

Much like their iconic logo, the slides are simple and clean. They use the same identical black background every year with the same font and same attention to detail. This repetitive process gives them an identity, as any consumer would be able to say which brand the presentation belongs to with a simple glance.


Probably the most aesthetically pleasing moment of any Apple presentation; the cinematography. Apple go to the extreme when delivering a clip of a new product or creating a commercial. Their attention to detail, super slow-mo b-roll and overall way of creating a stunning video leaves everyone breathless.

They’ve created a unique way to showcase a product’s highlights instead of using several still images. For any businesses looking to present a new launch, it’s vital that you create a video that shows every piece of detail but in an eye-catching way.

The team at Abraxas, believe that creating a professional video is a vital cog within your marketing strategy and is something you shouldn’t put ‘minimal’ effort into. From the use of state-of-the-art equipment such as high-end cameras to drones, it’s important that you capture every aspect of a product ensuring your audience will be left amazed.


Making few mistakes during a presentation is something we all thrive for when public speaking. Apple year on year get very close to perfection and this is due to their commitment to rehearsals and practicing. Apple not only have a lot of slides to show, but they also have a range of speakers who perform live demonstrations on screen.

The transition between speakers must be smooth and subtle. From keeping everything in sync behind the scenes to ensuring the speakers know all their lines, more work goes into these events than people often realise.           

Visual over verbal

Apple speakers aim to engage with their audience, rather than read the text on a slide show back to them word for word. This why key note presentation slides only show key information and specifications of a product, which the audience may want to note down. This allows Apple to be more personable and interact on a much larger scale.

As previously mentioned, Apple will draw attention to the visual parts of their presentation. This is by both the use of video and statistics. Apple’s information often relies heavily on numbers such as pixel count and update speeds. Therefore, by using large numerical stats on their slideshows it creates a somewhat shocking reaction from the audience.

Alongside this, the speed in which a presentation is shown is vital to its success and this is something Apple are extremely good at getting right. They are able to pick and choose the items that will need a larger impact and what parts of the presentation will be less detailed and take less time to explain. These skills are based on years of practice and knowing the needs of your audience. For many, a two hour presentation with a repeated structure can be hard to sit through and digest. Apple strives to excite their audience with ever changing ideas and new features, something Abraxas believes is key to their success.

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