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Wiztek Announce a New Model in Tech Support for SMEs with No Subscriptions and Experts On-Demand 24/7.

Wiztek Announce a New Model in Tech Support for SMEs with No Subscriptions and Experts On-Demand 24/7

Wiztek Announce a New Model in Tech Support for SMEs with No Subscriptions and Experts On-Demand 24/7

25th January 2019


Wiztek, a provider of online and mobile tech support services, is launching a revolutionary tech support marketplace which promises to help small businesses, business travellers and the self-employed to address tech problems faster than ever before, and without the subscriptions or high costs associated with traditional tech support solutions.

Wiztek will offer its on-demand service providing access to a community of experts 24/7. Notably, businesses can be in contact with a tech expert in under 30 seconds, consultations are free, and Wiztek has a ‘no fix – no fee promise’, for complete peace of mind.

Wiztek will eliminate the headache associated with tech failure for businesses. The fastest, most convenient way to diagnose tech problems, Wiztek can ensure deadlines aren’t missed, reputations remain intact, valuable staff aren’t tied up helping colleagues to diagnose and fix tech problems, and disruption to productivity is minimized to avoid loss of revenue. Using an extremely simple 3-click process via the handy app or website, which use AI technology to match problems to a community of experts, businesses can be connected via call, chat or video, any time day or night anywhere in the world, for a free consultation within 30 seconds, and could have a solution within minutes.

Unlike traditional tech support services for businesses, there are no subscription costs to utilize Wiztek; charges only apply once an expert has solved the problem. The Wiztek pricing model is extremely transparent, with low fees starting from only £4.90, backed by a ‘no fix – no fee’ policy, so that there are no unexpected or unfair costs. Wiztek also further reduces the cost of tech support by offering bundle packages for businesses that regularly encounter tech problems.

Small businesses and individuals do not have the luxury of a dedicated in-house team, however Wiztek will provide them with a game changing solution to ensure that they have the same, if not better, on-demand tech support service. The Wiztek community is user-rated, so businesses can be assured that they are speaking with an expert they can trust. Furthermore, the community of experts and helpers offer knowledge of a multitude of devices, covering a full range of hardware and software issues, so, whether a laptop is running slow, new devices need to be set up, a network isn’t performing, or a printer needs attention, a Wiztek expert can help. No problem is too big or too small.

“For modern small businesses and entrepreneurs, time is money, and the unexpected costs and delays resulting from tech problems can be a real burden,” says Hani AL-Qadi, founder of Wiztek.

Paul Amsellem, CEO of Wiztek added: “With Wiztek, we are offering the most advanced, highly personal, on-demand digital tech support service available. Our experts can provide all-encompassing support for the multitude of devices that businesses use every day, and our pricing strategy is designed to eliminate the sting that small businesses can’t afford when their tech fails or they need help to install and understand new tech. Quite simply, our experts will help to keep businesses up and running when it counts,” Amsellem concluded.


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