Five Jobs For Extrovert Personalities


We all need a job to pay the bills, but that shouldn’t be the only goal. A job should make us feel like jumping out of bed in the morning. It should be fulfilling enough that you’d want to work for free. In order to find true fulfilment, you need a job that suits your personality. Of course, not every job suits every personality. Here, we look at five jobs that are great for someone who is outgoing and confident.

1. Live chat assistant


Although a live chat assistant never meets people face-to-face in their daily routine, a friendly and bubbly personality is definitely a prerequisite here. In the rapidly emerging iGaming industry, which is increasingly accessible 24/7 to casino players around the world, brands require live chat assistants to provide around-the-clock support during their entertainment. With the trend for consumers favouring live chat assistants online over telephone helplines on the rise, iGaming operators require live chat assistants that can act on-brand and provide swift answers to common questions, improving brand trust and loyalty in the process.

Thanks to the rapidly advancing live dealer casino niche in the iGaming sector, where classic table games are offered in real time with premium quality high-definition (HD) streams, players want to play at casinos that are no-nonsense and easy to understand. That’s where the investment in live chat assistants can really make its mark, with friendly, on-brand guidance on customers’ betting, deposits, withdrawals, promotions and much more. At SkyCity Casino, which operates its own live casino platform catering to beginners and high-rollers alike, they employ live chat assistants to foster a safe, welcoming environment for customers when playing games such as blackjack, roulette and baccarat. Given that the casino is open 24/7, 365 days of the year, a career as a live chat assistant not only requires you to be sociable but committed to shift work too.

2. Holiday rep


Working as a holiday rep is a great way to combine a love of travel with paying the bills. Holiday reps have to deal with all kinds of people. One day you might be taking a coachload of tourists to see the pyramids, and the next you might be dealing with complaints about a blocked loo in a hotel room. Whatever situation you’re dealing with, you have to be cheery and approachable at all times.

Holiday reps also have to be prepared to sing, dance and joke their way through the hotel entertainment schedules. Simply put, a holiday rep needs a thick skin and a great sense of humour. Granted, holiday rep pay isn’t amazing and the average salary for an experienced rep is £700-£800 a month, according to Prospects. But don’t forget that most of your expenses such as food and accommodation will be included and you’ll be living and working in a holiday destination.

3. Public relations executive


If you want to get ahead in public relations, you need to have an outgoing personality and a way with words. You need to stay in touch and be on friendly terms with people in different sections of the media in order to get your clients the positive coverage they crave and maintain their reputations.

To be successful in PR, you need the confidence to deal with people at all different professional levels in a variety of situations and be able to manage expectations. You also need to be a quick thinker and a natural peacemaker, since difficult situations can arise. You are representing both your company and your clients, which means you need to be able to maintain appearances no matter what.

4. University lecturer


An extrovert personality is a prerequisite in order to stand up in a lecture theatre full of undergraduates or postgraduates. You have to be engaging and full of personality when delivering lectures in order to maintain people’s interest. Public speaking should not phase you in the slightest. In fact, you should enjoy sharing your knowledge and thoughts with others. As a lecturer in Higher Education, you’ll also need to be a ‘morning person’. Lectures can start as early as 8-9 am and you’ll also have a heap of admin work to attend to before and after your discussions.

Lecturers not only speak with large groups of people, they’ll often have a cross-section of undergraduates or postgraduates to mentor throughout the year. That’s where interpersonal communication is vital, being able to liaise one-on-one with your peers and discuss their work and even any personal problems they may be experiencing. Lecturers should always have an ‘open door’ approach, which is where extroverted personalities can really benefit. In the UK, lecturers need a minimum of a Level 3 qualification in the subject area they wish to teach, according to the UCAS website.

5. Fitness instructor


There is a growing demand for fitness professionals, particularly as more people have sedate, desk-based service industry jobs that limit exercise. Personal trainers are therefore hugely beneficial to individuals that need the motivation and support to get fit outside of work. The beauty of this industry is there are no specific requirements for becoming a fitness instructor. There are however two main personality requirements for a fitness instructor – they have to be really fit in and they also need to motivate people.

To motivate others, you definitely need to have an outgoing personality. You’ve also got to be the kind of person who others find easy to get along with. You need people to come back to you for more personal training sessions or attend your gym classes. You certainly need a positive and sunny disposition to be a successful fitness instructor. This is important regardless of whether you run one-to-one sessions or group training classes. Engagement and enjoyment is everything with gym classes.

Of course, these are just some of the jobs that extroverts would suit. There are many other roles where being the centre of attention and keeping connected to a large network of people is important. But where people skills and the willingness to be a team player is involved, extroverts will always do well.