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4 Important Benefits for Your Remote Employees

Remote work is no longer a trend or a fad considering that many businesses and industries have fully or partially…

4 Important Benefits for Your Remote Employees

26th February 2021

4 Important Benefits for Your Remote Employees

Remote work is no longer a trend or a fad considering that many businesses and industries have fully or partially embraced it. With massive advancements in technology, employees can now work from almost anywhere. However, remote work is different from working in an office and this is why remote workers are often left behind in a few areas, one of them being the benefits they get. Fringe benefits have always been offered to remote employees but as more remote employees start demanding better benefits, businesses have to rethink what they offer. Here are some benefits companies can offer remote employees, whether they work from home or elsewhere.

Insurance Plans

Many businesses have insurance plans for their employees. The problem is that, in many cases, these benefits do not extend to remote employees. Life and health insurance are expensive and expecting employees to cater for one or both of these themselves can put a huge burden on them.

Responsible employers are taking note and are starting to offer insurance plans as part of their employee benefits plans. Companies that cannot do this can make arrangements with insurance companies to provide subsidised health and life insurance rates for their remote employees.

Health and Wellness Benefits

An employee benefits programme that does not include some aspect of health and wellness feels incomplete. Remote workers’ health needs are a lot different from those of in-office workers and this is why health and wellness benefits are a lot more important for them. Since many of them work in isolation, ensuring their physical and mental health is in top shape is important for any business that hires remote employees considering that these businesses would not be successful without them.

Offering health and wellness benefits is also a great way to attract and retain some of the best remote talent. However, managing all these benefits can become complicated very quickly. This is why businesses and their HR departments are turning to employee benefits software. To implement such a solution for your business, try Zest’s flexible benefits platform.  This is an employee benefits software that makes it easy for employees to engage with their benefits anywhere they may be in the world. A platform likes Zest’s also makes it easy for businesses to inform their employees about new additions to their benefits schemes by allowing them to communicate through the platform.

Workstation and Equipment Support

Although remote employees require proper equipment to do their jobs, ensuring they have adequate setups and proper equipment can be quite expensive for many of them. Employers can achieve a few things by extending workstation and equipment support.

First, doing so can make their employees feel valued, which can increase motivation and productivity. Second, they can save their employees any time they would waste tinkering with their current workstations to ensure it works as it is supposed to. Third, by providing the best equipment, employers can ensure the work their employees produce is of the highest quality due to the new workstations and because they will be more focused on work instead of the tools that they use to complete it.

Learning Opportunities

As the world changes, employees are required to keep learning so they can keep up. When employers allow employees to continue learning while working, the employees might feel obliged to do better work or remain loyal to the company.

With the availability of online courses, there is no reason why employers cannot make the necessary arrangements for their remote employees to take the courses they would like to or learn new skills even as they continue working.

One of the things employers might have noticed is that the benefits afforded to remote employees are different from those extended to other employees. This is because their needs are different. However, offering these benefits makes for better remote employees which can massively benefit all businesses that offer them.

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