4 Perimeter Security Options to Consider for Your Business

Physical security must be a priority for businesses, and deflecting and deterring would-be intruders at the perimeter is your first line of defence against theft as well as other criminal acts.

If you are wondering which options are the best for protecting the perimeter of your premises, read on for a look at what solutions and tech are worth considering.

Image Source: Pexels


If you have on-site parking, or you accept vehicles for delivery or collection purposes, then you need a way of managing access.

A simple drop-down bar might be adequate for basic purposes, but in the case that there are especially valuable vehicles, goods and personnel you need to protect, a fully fledged gate is best.

The good news is that with slide gate opener systems, this security setup can be both robust and convenient. You can even automate the operation of the gate, so that it lets the right vehicles in and out without needing constant human monitoring.


Security camera setups are well suited to both domestic and commercial use, with modern products in this market again adopting all sorts of enhanced abilities which lessen the burden on end users.

Of course the revolutionary influence of automation can only go so far in providing adequate protection, and you need to be savvy about how and where you install surveillance systems so that they can be optimally implemented.

Having cameras at entry and exit points is a no-brainer, especially now that things like facial recognition are comparatively affordable. Even simpler, more traditional security camera configurations are still an excellent deterrent, as well as letting you collect evidence which can be used to identify miscreants if necessary.

Motion sensors

Sometimes a camera is not enough to detect and deal with security threats, in which case a motion sensing system which is triggered when the presence of a person is detected might be worthy of your investment.

There are various types of sensors in this category, ranging from simple infrared solutions to systems that are made to observe unusual seismic activity and extrapolate from this whether it is indicative of a threat, a natural disaster, or something else entirely.


Fencing in a business premises is another widespread practice, and one which bolsters security significantly.

There are a number of routes to take here. For example, you could opt for fencing which provides robust protection but doesn’t prevent anyone on the outside from seeing through to what’s going on within.

Alternatively you could choose fencing that’s entirely opaque, masking on-site activities from prying eyes and keeping precious assets out of sight. Fencing can even be electrified to further dissuade criminals from attempting to subvert it.

The idea with fencing is that it is both cheaper than brick-built walls, and also quicker to order and install. So if you’ve got a time-sensitive need to boost security at your business, it’s a wise choice.

Weighing up your requirements

An important point to make about perimeter security for businesses is that you need to strike a balance between your needs and your budget.

If you don’t need an all-encompassing solution with the latest and greatest tech, then there’s no point splashing out for one when all you’re shielding from thieves is a small site with few valuable assets stored there.

On the other hand if you skimp on security and you do have resources worth protecting, then your chances of being targeted by criminals will skyrocket.

Research your options rigorously and get security specialists involved if you are not a seasoned pro in this field yourself.