5 Alternative Ways to Reward and Recognise Employee Success

Making your employees feel valued is one of the most difficult things to achieve for any business, regardless of size or sector. Of course, pay increases are always going to be appreciated but there’s so much more to it than that and sometimes that’s not always possible. A happy employee is not just one that’s paid what they feel they deserve but one that feels genuinely valued and appreciated by their employer.

Recognition and appreciation come in many shapes and sizes but here are five different ways you can go out of your way to make your employees feel valued.

1. Job perks

It’s the little things that add up to an appreciative and engaged employee and giving them access to these little things will give them a greater sense of accomplishment in their job. These mini perks can be anything from offering incentives for paid days off to free lunches or even staff days out. Or, if they travel for business regularly, why not book them into some fully serviced London apartments for their stay rather than putting them in a basic hotel? As we said, it’s the little things.

2. Workspace upgrades

Your employees will spend roughly half of their waking lives at work so the office itself is important, even in this new world of remote and hybrid working. Perhaps a brand-new office for those employees who are going the extra mile for you? Or just a revamp if there’s not enough room for a personal office. Upgrading their work equipment is probably going to be appreciated too.

3. Offer out of work experiences

Many of your employees will have families waiting for them at home and wish they could spend more time with them. So, you could try to make the time they spend together more special by offering rewards such as experience vouchers to different family destinations, events and experiences. This sort of reward can assure your employees that you care for them as more than just an employee.

4. Company-based opportunities

While employee incentives based outside of the company are a great way of earning some credibility with your staff as a company that truly cares, by offering them perks related to the business, they will gain a greater sense of ownership over their careers and their identities within the company. Offer exciting projects and opportunities within the company and insight into new ventures the company is considering, and you should soon see boosts in productivity.

5. Feedback

Verbally recognise employee contributions as often as possible (without going too far). People often get a feeling of satisfaction when they are appreciated and recognised with a simple thank you. Or maybe buy them a beer or a coffee after work? Whoever said work lives and social lives were completely incompatible anyway?