5 Important Steps to Legal Advertising for Small Law Firms

Getting your name out there for a small law firm is not easy. It can feel like a shark tank where the water is replaced with even more sharks. But there is a lot you can do that you probably haven’t thought of. Not all law firms are advertised on billboards after all.

What we are going to do is go through the 5 steps of advertising you need to take.

Search Engine Optimization

Remember, search engines are the works of human beings. They value certain words over others. Even more importantly, they value certain words as they relate to certain subjects most of all. That means designing a website that takes these words into account is critical.

Look up the words that relate to your law firm’s area, its price range, and what it specializes in.

Focus on a Specialization

Think fast: What does your law firm do? If you said something like “practices law”, then you might have a problem. The law is horribly complex, and no one can cover all of it. If you want to get jobs, you will have a specialization. But more importantly, if you want to sell a service, you will need to know exactly what that entails to build a solid law firm marketing strategy.

You can already see how these tips build on top of each other. Once you have a specialization, it is far easier to know what words to use when constructing a website for search engine optimization.

Develop a Social Media Presence

There are three types of influencers: Commentators, educators, and wildcards. Commentators give their responses to things, educators explain how things are to people who are not “in the know”, and wildcards do outrageous things for attention.

One of the best ways to get noticed is to choose one of these types of influence and focus on it. You can combine this with your specialization and search engine optimization for better results.

Don’t be Afraid to Hunt Around

While letting clients come to you is valid, do not be afraid to look through the news in order to find people who might need a lawyer. For example, if you are interested in personal injury law, look up recent traffic accidents and see if you can find someone to represent.

If we are being honest with each other, most times you will find that they do not need your help. Sometimes they will rebuke you. But a good amount of the time, you will be their savior.

Know the Legal System’s People

It is one thing to know where to file a paper. It is another thing to know the people in the building that a given paper is filed. This is actually a pretty old-fashioned way of getting your name out there as a law firm, but it has proven reliable for generations of lawyers.

The basic idea here is that if you are friendly with the little old ladies that operate courtrooms and filing offices, then they will remember you and talk about you. That means if someone else is filing a lawsuit at the same place, you might get recommended by them.


When you think of your law firm in the wide world of the law, you probably get overwhelmed. But when you focus on what it does, what services it provides people, and what language people use to talk about that service, then things start to become a lot clearer.

Just be sure to be direct while also being friendly.