5 Things to Look for When Choosing a Moving Company

Moving is a massive task, so getting professionals to handle the heavy lifting is always a good idea. But with so many moving companies out there, you need to take the time to compare them before making a choice.

If you don’t know what makes a good moving company, the following factors should be on your checklist.

Do they offer packing services?

One of the biggest bugbears about moving is the process of packing up everything ahead of the big day. If you don’t want to do this yourself, look for a moving company that provides a packing service as part of the arrangement.

Not every firm will be able to do this, so if you can’t stand the thought of filling endless numbers of cardboard boxes and crates, finding one that will should be a priority.

Do they have insurance?

It should go without saying, but when valuable items are being shifted from A to B, often over long distances, you want to be confident that they’ll get there in one piece, and that there’s a plan in place for if anything goes wrong.

Breakages are fairly common, so rather than being left to foot the bill for repair or replacement, it’s sensible to ensure that the moving company is properly insured. That way, you won’t incur any additional costs even if disaster strikes during the move. You’ll also want their vehicles to be insured, and have cover for breakdowns.

Do they have a good reputation?

Reputation is less tangible than things like service fees and insurance coverage, but it’s just as crucial to deciding which moving company to hire for your job.

There are a few ways to go about this, and the obvious first port of call is the internet. An online search for prospective movers will throw up customer feedback and reviews so that you can get a good idea of how well respected they are.

You can also ask for a company to send out past customer testimonials for you to peruse. If they don’t have any to hand, be suspicious.

Do they offer pre-move surveys for accurate quoting?

This is not strictly essential, but it can be helpful if you want to ensure that any quote you’re given for your specific move is accurate.

A company that either sends an employee in person, or gets an overview of the scope of the move via video call, will be better equipped to know how much it will cost to complete.

This also feeds into transparency of moving fees. You need to know whether there’s a flat rate for the whole experience, or whether you’ll have to pay extra if things overrun. Having a delays policy is common, so be sure to read the small print.

Of course a truly reputable moving company will let you know about all of these elements upfront, rather than hiding them in the terms and conditions.

Do they accept several forms of payment?

Last but not least, check up on the ways you can pay a moving company prior to giving them the go-ahead to take your job.

This is important because any organization that only lets you pay in cash might not be the most reliable or above-board example of its industry. This is particularly problematic if they insist on payment being made upfront in cash, because you might not then have a record of this transaction to fall back on if they don’t turn up.

Being able to pay via card or check is a good sign, and all you really want to see is clarity and honesty at every step of the process.