6 Key Criteria When Choosing a Tradeline Company

Credit score

Having poor credit can significantly impact your personal and professional life. You may be turned down for business loans that could take your company to the next level or even a loan for properties you’re trying to purchase. 

Knowing that improving your credit score can be paramount for success, you might decide to purchase tradelines and increase your score on the back of someone else’s excellent credit. However, choosing tradelines can be challenging, so here are a few key criteria you may like to consider. 


Online Reviews

Some of the best tradeline companies have helped individuals out of a tight spot professionally and personally. Anyone who has benefited from tradelines may be more than happy to provide a glowing recommendation for the company they used. 

Research your options and see which ones come the most highly recommended. Take note of areas like professionalism, speed, cost-effectiveness, and legitimacy. If you see that more than one has received positive reviews, visit their websites to find out more about them and narrow down your options. 


Credit Limit

When you’re trying to improve your credit score to embark on a new business adventure, speed and value are of the essence. Find a company that can offer a high credit limit so that you can improve your credit score quickly. Most companies will list their minimum and maximum limits, so strike a balance between a limit that will be effective but within your capabilities of managing it.   


Customer Support

Using tradelines to boost your credit score might have come highly recommended by a friend, family member, or business mentor, but they may not have all the answers to your questions. Finding a tradeline company with an excellent customer support department might put you in the best position to get the help you need. 

Before you buy tradelines, take note of all the different contact methods on their website so that you can have any pressing questions answered. These might include email addresses, phone numbers, and live chat. 


Company Experience

Reputation and experience count for a lot in the corporate world, and buying tradelines is no different. Before you purchase what you believe will be effective tradelines for your unique situation, take a moment to learn more about the company’s level of experience. 

Find out how many years they have been operating and look for information regarding their financial achievements and potentially any accolades. The more experience a company has, and the longer they have been in business, the more faith you may be able to put in them. 



Every tradeline company is different regarding how long they allow you to remain as an authorized user on someone’s credit. Some offer just a single billing cycle, while others allow you more time, such as two or three billing cycles. 

While you may notice improvements to your credit score within one billing cycle, there can be value in using a tradeline for longer. Banks may impose penalties for shorter cycles, meaning that your tradeline costs you more than you or your business allowed for in your financial planning


The Tradelines Being Offered

Everyone has a different reason for purchasing tradelines, which means the type of tradeline you require can differ from someone else. You may like to consider three potential options, including revolving accounts, installment loans, and open accounts. 

Revolving accounts are lines of credit or credit cards, while installment loans are mortgages, student loans, automotive loans, and personal loans. The final tradeline type is open accounts, which is a common account type for businesses receiving merchandise or other high-value items. Take the time to think about what you need so that you can make an informed purchasing decision. 


Why Buy Tradelines for Your Business?

It’s only natural to be unsure about buying something finance-related that you don’t quite understand. However, when it comes to your business, you may see the value in considering tradelines for several reasons. 


Credit Approval

If you’re a new business, you may not have the necessary credit rating to secure competitive business loans to enhance your business offerings. Purchasing tradelines may increase your score and make it easier to secure lending when you need it the most. 


Competitive Interest Rates

If your business requires funding for new machines, merchandise, marketing, or something else, securing competitive interest rates can be crucial for affordability. Tradelines may increase your credit score enough to benefit from those lower rates. 

There can be much to consider when choosing a tradeline company, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed. However, these key criteria above may make the process much easier.