6 Tips to Overcome Challenges In Data Centre Management

Data Centre

Operating a data center can be a complex task. When you have one, the facilities will require strict physical security measures at all times, along with protocols to ensure the protection of customer data. Today, the data center industry struggles to keep up with the constantly changing technological advancements and customers’ growing needs.  

There are several challenges in the data center industry, and you’re likely to encounter them at some point. One way to ensure data centers stay at peak performance is to conduct a data center audit. If you’re planning one soon, going over a data center audit checklist will be a good start. 

If you want to guarantee efficiency at all times, being ready for challenges and knowing how to manage them are crucial. Here are some suitable practices or solutions to deal with challenges in data center management: 


1. Implement Real-Time Monitoring on Overall Performance    

Data centers work round the clock and are likely to end up with unforeseen failures along the way. Generally, various processes are working, such as applications, cooling systems, network connectivity, connecting cables, storage units, power distribution, and many more. With the variety of elements in place, continuous monitoring and reporting are crucial metrics in the proper management of data centers.  

If you want real-time monitoring of these metrics, consider investing in a data center infrastructure managed (DCIM) solution to address the issue. It’s capable of providing insights into the data center operations and performance metrics. It allows you to monitor, analyze, and produce reports in real time, helping you make the right decisions and take timely actions accordingly. 


2. Implement Security Against Emerging Cybersecurity Threats  

Cybercriminals typically target data centers since they hold and manage IT infrastructure for various clients. It’s crucial to invest in superior cybersecurity measures 24/7 to minimize the risk of data breach or loss.  

A breach can be an inside job or a malicious attacker posing as a client. The main security concern is screening employees, customers, and third-party vendors.  

Generally, you can obtain background details of an employee as long as there’s consent and verify clients’ identities through thorough screening if fraud is likely. Moreover, work only with reliable suppliers.  


3. Use a DCIM System to Manage Uptime

Another major concern in the management of data centers is accurately measuring the overall performance and ensuring uptime. Throughout the process, it also covers the maintenance of power and cooling accuracy while ensuring the structure’s energy efficiency. The manual task of calculating the crucial metrics will not be useful in any way.  

A DCIM system can effectively measure the essential metrics in real time. It makes it easier to optimize and manage the uptime and other performance in the long run.  


4. Use a DCIM System to Maintain Sustainability

In most circumstances, data center administrators will go beyond order to minimize downtime. Unfortunately, this usually leads to a waste of space and resources. Additionally, it results in power and energy wastage. 

A DCIM solution can greatly help determine any idle physical space, cooling, capacity, power, and other resources the data center utilizes. Generally, it allows better optimization of the capacity while cutting down on costs, saving energy, and avoiding downtime at the same time.  


5. Use a DCIM System to Prevent Excessive Power Consumption and Control Cooling Power

The data center industry consumes a large amount of energy while also facing concerns regarding rising temperature. In most cases, more energy seemingly goes to waste than effectively utilized by the data center. This scenario is likely to occur if there’s a lack of proper energy monitoring tools and environmental sensors.  

If you want to meticulously monitor energy consumption, optimize it, and reduce costs, you need a reliable DCIM system. Overall, it can lower operational costs and be environmentally friendly and energy-efficient at the same time.  


6. Use a DCIM System to Improve Productivity

Monitoring, analyzing, and reporting performances of the data center infrastructure can be difficult. These tasks consume most of the employees’ time and effort. 

Since manual monitoring cannot ensure the best accuracy, investing in a DCIM solution is worth considering. Generally, the solution allows you to automate the operations, which will let your employees focus on their core tasks.


Final Thoughts  

As technology continues to develop along with data, applications, and devices, data centers need to evolve with the constantly changing trends. However, you’re likely to encounter a variety of challenges along the way. Now that you’re familiar with the common problems in the data center industry, how to deal with them, and the crucial role a DCIM solution plays, you’ll be ready to face them and ensure your data center remains efficient at all times.