7 Benefits of Using Employee Scheduling Software

In the last three years, there were a lot of changes in companies around the world. A lot of them now have a hybrid or remote type of work. This means that the coordination is taking place online.

Now, this is not an easy job. Manual scheduling takes a lot of time and effort. Also, it’s prone to errors. A study showed that 98% of HR professionals are burned out. That is why you must find a way to prevent this from happening as soon as possible.

Employee scheduling software would be the most useful tool for your HR team, or yourself. There are a lot of reasons why you should get one for yourself today. Let’s check out the benefits of this kind of software.

7 Benefits of using employee scheduling software

How would you feel if you have to organize 50 employees’ vacations manually? Everyone has their own wishes. Some of them are not determinant, and some make constant changes.

But it’s not only vacations. It can get messy. You need to keep track of shifts and holidays.  There are also compliance requirements, meeting rooms, and more.

Let’s analyse the most important positive outcomes when it comes to using employee scheduling software.

Perfect schedule for everyone’s needs

Not only the employees have a need for a tailored schedule. Sometimes your business has a need for balance. Employee scheduling software is perfect for planning all types of shifts.

.Your employees can have two types of shifts:

Rotating Fixed Rotating shifts

To have rotating shifts first you need to make a rotating schedule. This kind of schedule covers all shifts. Here you can find some rotating shift schedule examples that will explain the process to the fullest.

What you need to know is that managing employees in three or more shifts would be much easier with scheduling software.

This way you will have faster and more precise insights into how is the work delegated. For example, you can track in what shift a worker is more productive. Also, you will know all the shifts’ colorations with a click of a button.

Fixed shifts

This is when workers work the same shift every, day, week, or month. When we say “I work 9 to 5” then that’s a perfect example of a fixed shift.

If you have teams in separate fixed shifts you can easily make proper schedules with the help of scheduling software.

Better communication in less time

Why not ‘kill two birds with one stone’? Preparing documents or emails with attachments takes time. Not to mention that some people won’t be on the same page as you.

A good scheduling software would make everyone ‘gets the memo’. If you publish a new schedule or update an old one the employee will get a notification in real-time.

This means no more surprises like last-minute time off requests. You will save time while organizing your shift with a few clicks. No more Excel sheets. That’s great news, isn’t it?

A way to lower your labour costs If you still use manual scheduling you are probably paying an employee to do it. Now, I’m not saying that you should get software and fire one of your employees.

Think about how this employee can be productive while the scheduling software manages all that mechanical tasks. On the other hand, companies that hire hourly workers will save a lot of money.

Increased employee satisfaction Same as you your employees will be happy to have a schedule online. They won’t search in between documents or emails.

Depending on the software’s features the employees could give feedback about their preferences. There will be no more delays.

You will know their preferred shifts and keep track of their needs. This will definitely make your employees happier.

Better compliance management 

Organisations spend an average of $14.82 million for non-compliance. So you would like to avoid this mistake, right?

A lot of changing laws, complex federal, state, and local regulations can give you a headache. Some software let you keep the employees’ data, and update the regulations on time.

Ensuring an effective working environmentSay goodbye to slacking off on the job. An employee scheduling software with a modern time clock system will solve that.

With the help of timesheets, employees could clock in and out perfectly. Yes, the software will consider their brakes too.

Automation of HR

It’s hard when you don’t have a large HR team and one or two employees should take all the burden. Scheduling software will make their job much easier and more efficient.

The software could help with onboarding new employees. It will centralize their record and collect all the much-needed data from surveys.

This way you will know what your employees think, want, and do without burning out your HR team.

Leave your spreadsheets in the past

I know that sometimes is hard to let the bad habits go. But this is a necessary step if you want to grow.

Face the reality. Your spreadsheets, emails, and papers take precious time and money. At the same time, you will end up with unsatisfied employees, or employees to whom ‘slacking off is a passion’.

With proper employee scheduling software, you will stay up to date with the latest trends. Technology advances day by day and who knows what will they invent tomorrow.