7 Ways for Small Businesses to Reconnect with Customers

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7 Ways for Small Businesses to Reconnect with Customers

The biggest threat to the survival of small businesses is economic uncertainty. Take the current pandemic, for example. Early this year, companies were forced to shut down due to the uncertainty caused by the pandemic. Customers lost touch with their favorite brands because nobody was there to serve them.

As things slowly get back to normal and small businesses reopen, managers should create customer reconnection strategies to get back their clients and boost sales. To help you reconnect with your customers, here are seven strategies you can use.


1. Utilize a Customer Data Platform (CDP) for Better Customer Service

Small business owners want to learn what is CDP and how it will help them achieve their goals. CDP stands for customer data platform, which collects and integrates customer information from both online and offline sources for marketing purposes. The system segments customers into several profiles before sending personalized marketing messages to each segment. This technology will make your marketing message more sincere since it’s personalized.


2. Announce Your Return

The best way to reconnect with customers after a ‘long time’ is through an announcement. Post your return on social media and search engines. Let your clients know that they can make inquiries and pay for orders.


3. Send Direct Emails

If your small business hasn’t been in operation for a while, there’s a high probability that customers stopped checking your website and social media pages. If you want to cover more ground with your return announcement, send your customers an email talking about the return. More clients are likely to see it because people love to check their email.


4. Offer Great Deals

If you want to reconnect with customers without offending them, be sensitive to their needs. The pandemic has really hurt the economy. People haven’t been spending as much as they used to because they are afraid. Others lost their jobs and are surviving on relief checks. To show that you care when announcing your return, tell customers that you’ll be giving out huge discounts. Since you’re willing to help your customers save money, they’ll appreciate your return by making a purchase.


5. Update Local Listings

Since most business inquiries are made online, it helps to update your local listings. Let customers know that you’re back in business by changing your hours of operation back to the way things were before the pandemic.


6. Implement Safety Protocols

As long as coronavirus is still with us, things will never be the same. Acknowledge the new normal by adhering to safety protocols. Make sure that employees sit at least six feet apart. There should also be social distancing markers for clients visiting your premises.

Customers should wear masks and gloves to curb the spread of the virus. There should be disinfecting areas in your office. When you show people that you care and are aware of the dangers, they’ll trust you more and resume transactions with your brand.


7. Help the Community

Another way to reconnect with customers is to fulfill your social corporate responsibility. Sponsor a local sports event for charity. You can also donate sports equipment to the local community. Do anything that helps the community get back on its feet after a challenging time.

If you do most of the things on this list, you will get most of your customers back. You may also attract new customers in the process. Therefore, be consistent with your actions.