7 Ways to Boost SEO in the Fall

Man outside in the autumn checking his phone

People find new businesses in many different ways. Some get a referral from a friend. Others see a shirt they like and ask a stranger on the street where they bought it. While these can help your business grow, one of the most effective options is to leverage search engine optimization. People are searching for services and products online every day. They use their smartphones and computers to find exactly what they are looking for. With the right SEO, your business can rise to the top of the list. Here are some of the best ways to boost your SEO this fall and in the months to come.


Create Seasonal Content

A great way to engage your audience is to use seasonal content in your SEO. Discover what keywords are trending and how it relates to your business and create content around that. You’d be amazed at how many people want to find seasonal sales on things like home décor, clothing, and even technology. Maybe you aren’t launching an orange tablet this season, but you have cases that can be customized with fall messages. The important thing is to consider your products and your audiences to find the best SEO keywords to use.


Use Internal Links

If you aren’t using internal links in your blog content you are missing out on a big SEO opportunity. When you want to get found for certain keywords, and you have relevant content, link back to it from your blog. It’ll tell the search engines that you have something valuable to offer with those keywords and make you jump closer to the top of the list when people search those words. It’s a great way to build your SEO and connect with new customers who are searching for products like yours.


Compete for Relevant Keywords

Keyword research is boring. Let’s face it. Searching for what keywords are popular and which ones relate to your business isn’t the fun part. But when you can tag along with trending searches, you can easily start competing for those relevant keywords. You’ll have more success in the fall for instance if you create content around those trending fall searches. Take some time to learn about what your customers like and what they are searching for in this season. Use what you discover to compete for those keywords.


Add New Products

The fresher your portfolio, the more interesting your content is to the big search engines. When you add new products, it gives the search engines even more reasons to pull your content to the top of a relevant search. With a great product description, a good photograph, and an excellent title, your products will get found by just the right people. Creating relevant and new products helps your SEO in the fall and all year long.


Get Creative With Your Marketing

It’s easy to get stuck in a marketing rut. If it’s working for you, then keep doing it. But find ways to get creative with how you connect with new clients. Marketing for accounting firms, tech companies, and even healthcare may seem unnecessary, but it’s critical to leverage creative methods of finding new business. The best marketers use a combination of data and unique ideas to help reach their target market year-round. This time of year is all about pumpkin spice, apple cider, and cozy sweaters, so think about how to incorporate those into your fall SEO campaigns.

Your website should not be static all year long. By adding fresh marketing campaigns, new products, and even regular blog posts, you can be sure your business will be near the top of the list for search engines. A fall marketing campaign on your site makes it fresh, fun, and applicable to the season we are in. It’s in your best interests to use your creative team to write content, make graphics, and direct a marketing campaign to encourage new sales in the fall months.


Use 3rd Party Review Sites

This strategy is two-fold. It gives your company credibility when there are good reviews. It also adds another location to put your website link. During different seasons, you can add in fresh content to help people know what’s happening in the fall and other seasons. Third-party review sites are an excellent part of a good SEO strategy no matter what industry you are in.