9 Skills Students Need to Grow Business

These days, starting a business seems to be easier than ever. The Internet and technologies have given us so many opportunities that even a college student can launch a startup and start making a profit.

Although getting started is fairly easy, achieving success isn’t. The data from the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics indicates that 10% of new ventures fail within 1-2 years. Another 45% fail in the following 5 years and 65% don’t make it to the first 10 years. What makes all these companies fail and how can you avoid the same fate?

The truth is that the success of a business is determined by a number of factors. First of all, it’s time and commitment. Starting a business in college you should expect it to take nearly 100% of your time and effort. To have enough time, you might need to use “write my paper for me” services and delegate your academic matters to professionals. On top of that, you also need to have a number of skills that successful entrepreneurs possess. In this article, we will tell you about the top nine skills you need to acquire to grow your venture with ease! 

Communication and Networking

Whether in business, at work, or in your personal life, this is the #1 skill you need to attain your goals and succeed. The ability to communicate effectively with different types of people is what sets successful people apart from the rest. They seem to know how to build a good rapport with everyone, including customers, employees, investors, and suppliers. As a result, they seem to get everything they want with ease.

In order to ensure the stable growth of your venture, you also have to master the art of effective communication. Networking skills will also come in handy. To acquire and hone them, start networking like it’s your job. Meet new people, learn to engage them, and learn how to make your connections last.

Financial Management

Every company has to deal with lots of financial matters. From cash flow to taxes and prices for products, all these operations must be aligned for business success. In order to make this real, entrepreneurs must have a strong understanding of financial management.

Before scaling your business, you should learn how to manage finances the right way. You must understand how to create financial statements, identify budgets, and manage other things. Once you learn it, you will be able to make more informed financial decisions that will bring growth and prosperity to your company.


When launching a student startup, chances are that you will start as a loner wolf. However, the only way to scale and succeed is to expand your team. And that’s where you won’t go far without strong leadership skills.

Being a real leader is essential for managing employees, inspiring teamwork, and making important decisions. Only with these skills, you will be able to reach set goals.

Time Management

Ask any successful person what’s the secret to their productivity and they will say it’s effective time management. Indeed, the ability to manage your schedule wisely is critical for entrepreneurs.

As a business owner, you will have to juggle many different tasks and responsibilities. To handle this, you must learn how to prioritize tasks, set goals, and manage your time accordingly. Once you hone this ability, you will become your most-productive self and will achieve the desired results with ease!


Entrepreneurship requires a lot of problem-solving. At every stage of your path, there will be pressing and unexpected challenges that require fast solutions. Therefore, in order to grow your venture, you must learn how to identify challenges, analyze data, and develop timely and effective solutions.


In addition to efficient problem-solving, entrepreneurs must be creative. Often, the right solutions and decisions require thinking outside the box. On top of that, let’s not forget that the modern business landscape is changing rapidly. Thus, creativity is also an essential skill for adopting innovations and thriving in constantly changing market conditions.


When just getting started, you might not have a sufficient budget for marketing. Still, it’s a crucial element of growth. Thus, in order to scale your venture and make your brand noticed, student entrepreneurs must also have a basic knowledge of how to market their products or services.

This includes several things. First of all, you must develop a strong understanding of the target audiences and markets. Also, you must be aware of the core trends and top practices. Finally, you must have a solid vision of the right marketing strategies and materials that will work for your brand.


In addition to the ability to market your products, you must have the ability to sell them. Successful student entrepreneurs must know their products or services thoroughly and recognize their benefits. Also, they must know who their target buyers are and what pain points they have.

All this knowledge will help you craft strategies that really work. As a result, you will be able to drive more sales and expand.

Emotional Intelligence

The last skill on our list has nothing to do with marketing or sales. Still, strong emotional intelligence is something every young entrepreneur must possess.

Needless to say, running a startup is very emotionally draining. It will take most of your free time and challenge you endlessly. As a result, you might be facing lots of stress. In such situations, emotional intelligence will help you manage stress, build relationships, and make better decisions regardless of external factors. Thus, it’s also a must-have.

The Bottom Line

Growing a successful business requires a combination of various skills. From communication and networking to the ability to market and sell your products – all these abilities will set you on the right track and help you achieve your goals.

Luckily, now you know about the core abilities that will help you. By developing these essential skills, you can position yourself for success as an entrepreneur and business leader. Good luck!

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