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AI powered E-Commerce Sales Growth.

Ezapp Offers AI platform for Customer Analytics and Empowering Ecommece companies to maximize Sales. Ezapp has utilized Machine Learning models…

AI powered E-Commerce Sales Growth

8th April 2021


Ezapp Offers AI platform for Customer Analytics and Empowering Ecommece companies to maximize Sales. Ezapp has utilized Machine Learning models like ARIMAX, Neural Network, XGBoost models to provide automated shipments forecasts so Clients can manage the manufacturing Units in advance. Ezapp built Order Predictability and Fulfillment rates for Demand Sensing. Ezapp successfully built a Product Pricing Model for Sales activation on the Product Catalog.

EzappSolution can quickly change your Ecommerce pages to a personalized shopping experience for every customer. Our enhancements include “Hierarchical Recommendations,” “2 X cart checkouts ”

  • Product Recommendations for Digital Channels
  • Maximize Order Value and minimize Customer Conversion cost

EzappSolution is a champion in providing Trade Promotions and Optimizations for the Clients which required building Market Mix Models using Hierarchical Clustering, Bayesian Network Model. In order to improve the ROI, Ezapp has experience in Maximizing ROI successfully, leveraging Reinforcement Learning & Markov Chaining to evaluate return on Investment across Shopper, Trade and Media Spend.

EzappSolution tools provide Simulator for allocation of investment across Sales channels, accounts, maximize ROI and Sales attribution.


Customer Service

Your Ecommerce company can identify most Valuable Customers and turn contact with customers into incremental revenue. As customers call inquire, our AI predicts which Sales Strategy will yield Sales Channel conversion.


AI Campaigns

EzappSolution can Increase your Sales 50%-300% within a Year. You can tap our service on Free  trial basis and you have nothing to lose to validate the Increase of Sales. EzappSolution will deliver AI models which work on Cross Sales Channels: Youtube, Google PPC, Facebook Ads etc and allow your company to allocate the right budget to Maximize ROI.


● Tell us about some of the key features of your organization that you would like to highlight in the profile. How is Ezappsolution positioned in the Enterprise software development domain?


Ezapp is an ISO 9001/ ISO 27001, CMMI certified digital solutions company with 500+ experts working full time across multiple Delivery Centres. Established in 2008, Ezapp is headquartered in New York, NYC, with offices in the USA,  Japan, India and Australia. We are winners of multiple awards and accolades from organizations like GoodFirms, AppFutura, TopDevelopers, TechReviewer, CrozDesk, Top App Creators, CIO Top Enterprise Company.


● Highlight some of the unique products/ apps and software solutions developed by the team at EzappSolution that separates the company from the rest of the competitors.


Ezapp Solution has built several products that are unique and hold a high value chain for its customers. Ezapp Solution has built

●  Automated Website development tool

●  Automated Email Marketing tool

●  Automated Machine Learning Model development tool

● Automated Forecasting on Time Series Features.

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