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With the introduction of the European Union’s new data-centric legislation in the last few years, data privacy and protection has come centre stage for businesses operating in and around Europe, the Middle East, and Asian markets. Since its introduction, GDPR has radically changed the way in which data is handled in every sector. However, for technology vendors, one firm is helping them navigate this new data protection landscape with an innovative service. Discover i-4business, as we profile the firm and their ongoing success.

It isn’t easy running a successful marketing or sales campaign but having accurate data that is GDPRcompliant can go a long way in helping. That accurate data can be helpful in a myriad of ways, from creating a truly powerful message, to finding the right decision-makers and companies that will receive the message. i-4business is the leading contact data provider that is focused on the EMEA market, connecting their clients to large businesses across the region and enabling communication between the right people in the right positions at the right companies.

To put it simply, i-4business’ role is to keep a client’s success coming, specifically within sales and marketing across EMEA. But how does it do that? By operating as an online, ondemand resource that delivers comprehensive profiles for each and every enterprise organisation across the continents. Within those profiles, the firm focuses on providing high-quality, 100%-GDPR-compliant contact information to continue empowering sales and marketing success for clients.

Users can access the online platform at all hours of the day or night, for when they need to download contact information. It could be for their latest campaign, or delivery of a key message; the platform is always available for businesses. The search function on i-4business can be customised based on industry, company size, geographical location, job title, and job role and more, to ensure that users are getting the data that is relevant to them and their unique message.

For complete guarantee of data quality and compliance, the firm leverages several key advantages that work in its favour. For example, all of the research is done in-house through native-speaking staff to help ensure quality of information that clients are accessing. As well as the internal research, i-4business maintains an extremely transparent approach to the way it works.

Each data subject within the firm’s database is communicated clearly and concisely, highlighting exactly what i-4business does and how each data subject’s information is being used. That way, clients don’t receive any complaints, with full openness and honesty from day one. i-4business goes one step further in actually listing to the data subjects exactly who their clients are, and who may be in touch with them. Across the industry, this is radically unique and central to the firm’s overall success in partnerships with both clients and data subjects.

At present, i-4business provide their services exclusively for technology vendors, working alongside some of the biggest companies in the world today. Google, Oracle, and Verizon are just some of the clients that the platform have helped fuel their sales and marketing campaigns, since the introduction of the EU’s GDPR.

On the horizon however is another major legislative change for marketing departments in the form of ePrivacy laws. Similar to GDPR in some ways, ePrivacy will affect any company looking to market across Europe. Whilst i-4business are currently compliant with the draft legislation, the firm is keen to assure clients that once the laws go live, they will still be able to
use their services and remain fully compliant.

Now more than twenty-three years old as a company, i-4business are as committed as ever to helping drive forward the success of their clients through sales and marketing. And for enterprise organisations working across EMEA, they can continue to rest assured that their data will continue to only be used in the most compliant, protected and transparent ways possible. With data rapidly becoming one of the world’s most valuable commodities, who better to entrust it to than one of the world’s leading GDPR-compliant data platforms.

Contact: Tim Stevens