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Backing the Biotech Sector Across Asia Pacific.

The biotechnology sector is focussed on drug development to find solutions to some of the world’s most devastating diseases affecting…

Backing the Biotech Sector Across Asia Pacific

20th January 2020

The biotechnology sector is focussed on drug development to find solutions to some of the world’s most devastating diseases affecting aging populations, and developed and developing nations, including metabolic, oncology, contagious, and rare diseases.

Helping biotechnology companies with all phases of clinical trials is Novotech, the most outstanding full-service contract research organisation (CRO) currently in operation across the Asia Pacific region. Discover more about their work and what has made the firm into an industry leader.

Operating throughout Asia-Pacific, Novotech is a full-service CRO, which provides biotechnology companies with all the services required to manage the full process of clinical trials, from regulatory advice and drug development planning, to clinical monitoring and biostatistics. Working alongside biotech companies and healthcare professionals from across the Asia Pacific region, the firm’s clinical trial management services are suited for any trial phase or therapeutic area. Novotech’s award-winning expertise has guided the fast-growing drug development industry across the region, resulted in the success of hundreds of clinical phases and trials, from first-in-man studies to large global clinical trials.

Just a few of Novotech’s CRO services include clinical trials, biostatistics, data management, regulatory affairs, audits, medical services, commercialisation, and site management. Within each of those areas, the clinical teams are experts at helping maximise the efficiency and data collection from some of the most important drug development trials across the region.

All of the staff employed by Novotech boast extensive experience working across a myriad of medical areas, including infectious diseases and vaccines, haematology, oncology and immuno-oncology, neurology and psychiatry, orphan and rare diseases. With a wealth of medical experience and broadranging knowledge encompassing so many areas of healthcare, all manner of drug developments and clinical trials can benefit from Novotech’s services.

By focusing on specifically serving biotechnology companies throughout the Asia-Pacific region, Novotech guarantees that its clients will work with a team of staff that are experts in the industry. The firm’s service model is guided by experienced teams of leaders, bringing a deep understanding of each country medical and regulatory environment.

Clients increasingly value regional expertise, as clinical trials are becoming ever-larger and more complex. Recently, the firm has invested heavily in its clinical consulting services, aimed at assisting the growth and implementation of various research and development plans for its biotech clients. In 2018, Novotech acquired BioDesk, a clinical consultancy that has since brought tremendous support to biotechnology companies looking for regulatory services, no matter where they are in the world.

The last few years have seen the biotechnology sector increasing exponentially across the Asia Pacific region, with the Chinese market playing a significant role in the continued expansion of Novotech. Between 2017 and 2018, biotech clinical trial activity in China has almost doubled, spurred on by streamlined regulatory measures and an increase in government support. In order to capitalise on this growth, Novotech has recently rapidly expanded its China team by more than 50%, appointing expert local clinical executives to offices in both Shanghai and Hong Kong. Furthermore, Novotech and PPC Group, a China-based CRO, just announced a partnership creating the largest biotech CRO specialist in the Asia-Pacific region. The partnership brings together approximately 1,200 staff to meet the growing biotech demand in the region.

Ultimately, Novotech is in the business of helping saving lives, and improving quality of life. By helping drug development and ensuring that clinical trials are expertly managed across the world, the firm is helping biotechs bring much-needed medication to market far quicker for those who desperately need it. With its eyes set firmly on Asia-Pacific expansion and continuing to support life-saving therapies through the clinical research processes across the Asia Pacific region, Novotech’s future is bright indeed.

Company: Novotech
Contact: Valentin Moingeon

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