Basic Security Measures for Your Small Business

Security is not often the most pressing concern facing you as a business owner. As inflation rates continue to rise, many entrepreneurs and business owners have more on their plate than the relatively quotidian task of shoring up their office security – not to mention the possibility of budgetary difficulty. But as a potential depression looms, security could be the one thing that prevents your business from losing liquidity altogether. What are the most effective measures you could employ?


The most commonly-considered form of commercial security measure is perhaps the CCTV camera, ingrained as it is in our cultural consciousness as an objectively useful monitoring tool. Security cameras certainly have their uses as part of a more comprehensive security system, but not quite in the way you might suspect.

The core function of security cameras is to monitor environments. Without a 24/7 security team on task on your premises, this core function will not necessarily prevent criminal activity. Rather, it will capture and record it. You may suffer financial losses or property damage, but the evidence is there to potentially identify the perpetrators and validate an insurance claim.

However, alongside other effective security measures (and in the absence of an active security detail),
there is an ancillary effect that security cameras can have: one of deterrence. If your security cameras are prominently displayed and obviously in operation, potential trespassers may be less likely to attempt their entry.

Alarm Systems

Deterrence is the essential purpose of alarm sirens as part of your office security system. Sirens attached to motion detectors or other forms of intrusion detection serve to draw attention to a given location or premises, supposedly increasing the likelihood of investigation by local law enforcement or even passers-by.

Whether or not someone would actually turn up and catch a would-be criminal in the act is unimportant; the result is a heightened level of trepidation on behalf of would-be criminals to attempt trespass. Of course, alarm systems can also be hooked up to automatically alert local police or a private security team.

Security Lighting

Another strong deterrent comes in the form of lighting. Just as alarm sirens can be tripped by motion or light detection, so too can high-powered security lights. These are particularly effective on the perimeter of your office premises, to illuminate the location of a would-be trespasser – exposing them both to passers-by and to your camera system for easier identification.

Keyless Entry

Not all criminal entries are done in the dead of night, though. Many criminals attempt entry in broad
daylight, through attempting to impersonate a member of workplace personnel or even a courier. Entry during office hours can be much harder to police – rendering unique entry systems incredibly effective at heightening your daytime security. With fob entry, only employees and visitors with the correct RFID tag
can enter.