Best Cannabis Marketing & SEO Company – USA


MjSeo Agency is a marketing and SEO company that focuses upon businesses in the cannabis industry. Utilising bespoke services, the agency develops effective frameworks to bolster its clients’ positions on search engines, gain a larger audience, and streamline their websites. In essence, you can entrust your canna-business to the professionals from the MjSeo Agency.

Everyone knows that running a business without a digital presence is impossible in the 21st century. However, simply having an online presence is not enough – it is crucial to regularly optimise and update websites to ensure their efficacy, attract new target audiences, and achieve wider success. Henceforth, this is why SEO experts are necessary. Without a competent SEO strategy, any corporate or e-commerce website will not have the opportunity thrive.

In terms of the cannabis industry, the situation is even more challenging. Aside from the high rivalry in this field, businesses are restricted by bans imposed by search engines and social media platforms. Many of these businesses are working without the support of cannabis SEO experts and are running into the aforementioned issues without a framework to overcome them. This is where MjSeo Agency enters the picture – the company works exclusively within this niche, assisting businesses to streamline and improve their websites with the aim to cultivate organic traffic, and subsequently, more clients and revenue.

Operating as a subsidiary of SeoProfy, MjSeo Agency spawned from the latter’s realisation that there was an immense demand for an agency that specialises in the implementation of dispensary marketing ideas. MjSeo Agency has since become a leading marketing and SEO company within this arena, working on over 60 successful projects and achieving a high-level of customer satisfaction. The agency acquires reviews through Clutch, where it boasts a five-star rating. Fyodor Khaverev, the owner of Canna University, testifies, ‘we really liked communication style, experience in our sphere and proficiency in SEO.’

Such companies can expect a range of benefits through working with the agency – for example, MjSeo Agency offers entirely bespoke solutions. Every platform requires a unique strategy to increase its ranking in the search engine. MjSeo Agency, thanks to its vast expertise, understands this and does not offer ready-made solutions. Instead, cooperation with the agency will start with an audit that seeks to define the shortcomings of the client’s marijuana-centred site. Based on these results, the agency’s team of experts will devise a plan for search engine optimisation that is tailored towards the current state of the client’s website.

In addition, with team members spread around the world, client’s have the ability to work with a team that truly understands them, their business, and the trends within the country. Located across 45 different locations, with a team that can communicate in over 12 languages, MjSeo Agency guarantees that even if the client is not from the USA, there will be a way to effectively communicate with one of its cannabis experts.

The bustling and vibrant team assists with the provision of a plethora of services. Offering National SEO, Local SEO, Link Building, Dispensary SEO, and Website Design & Development services, MjSEO Agency is equipped to handle any requests, wishes, or requirements – large or small. Its Website Design & Development service, for instance, gets to the heart of what the agency does.

The best approach for launching a website is to build a well-optimised site from scratch. Moreover, launching an advanced, professionally developed website is one of the prerequisites for ensuring the success of cannabis businesses. In turn, clients have the option to trust MjSeo Agency not only with the promotion but also the initial development and design of an SEO-centric website. As a result, the website will not require the correction of errors that prevent a successful promotion.

In conclusion, finding the right agency for a cannabis business may be daunting, but it is the most responsible path to take. For a business within this field, utilising an SEO and marketing agency can ensure that it has a successful SEO framework embedded into its website, resulting in the establishment of a wider audience. MjSeo Agency has contributed greatly to this industry, and has therefore earned itself multiple awards, including Best Cannabis Marketing & SEO Company – USA.

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