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Best CFO, Direct Reports and Teams Recruitment Company – Germany.

When it comes to filling a CFO position, or indeed that of any top-level executive position, it can be hard…

Best CFO, Direct Reports and Teams Recruitment Company – Germany

3rd April 2020

FINANCE People Solutions

When it comes to filling a CFO position, or indeed that of any top-level executive position, it can be hard to find the right person. Whether a role is permanent or interim however, it is imperative for both parties that the person and position is right to ensure maximum productivity and positivity. Focused entirely on recruiting CFOs and their teams all over the world, one German firm is ensuring that when opportunity arises, there is no better teammate than “ The CFO Partner”.

Founded in 2014, Finance People Solutions does exactly what it says it does. For more than five years, the firm has been helping corporations in need of a Chief Financial Officer fill their positions with the right person, who is qualified and highly motivated to do the best job possible. Under the sage guidance of founder and CEO Paul Taaffe, the firm has grown from strength to strength organically, working hard to become one of the country’s best for interim and permanent recruitment within financial departments.

A specialised globally-operating direct search firm offering interim and permanent positions alongside career advisory services, FPS is renowned for its ability to identify and match the perfect prospective CFO with the right firm. Not content to simply place an individual within a firm however, Paul and his team also specialise in hiring those who would report directly to them as well, giving them a strong and able support network to maximise the chance of growth and continued success.

“Realising that there are two sides to every employment situation, Finance People Solutions offer the same level of care and attention to both parties.”

Realising that there are two sides to every employment situation, FPS offer the same level of care and attention to both parties. For companies, Paul works hard to put himself in the shoes of their CFO and understand exactly what they require from a candidate. On the other hand, open and honest dialogue with candidates can foster strong relationships from the earliest stage and ensure that the candidate gets all the available support they need when career planning or searching for a permanent position.

Support comes in many forms, all of which are aimed at establishing and cementing those strong relationships throughout the process. Through their professional aptitude and experience at partnering clients with candidates, the team at FPS know that it is often more about the person behind the CV. Fitting with a culture and an ethos is just as important as having the technical prowess to do a job, which is why initial phone calls to get to know the candidates are so important.

The career advisory services offered by FPS complement the search and recruitment services perfectly, designed by CFOs for CFOs, or those who aspire to be. Ensuring that the chief financial officers of the future can access a truly beneficial coaching programme, the process differs amongst individuals, but often includes an interview, personal and CVfocused analysis, and advice on what to do next in achieving goals. After a few hours of personal meetings, each set of tailor-made results are ideal for specific situations and how best to progress in search of that perfect CFO role.

One of the ways that FPS continues to stay ahead within its niche field of specifically finding CFO candidates for top-level, executive financial roles is through recognising what the future holds. Innovation is constantly happening, and big companies are finding it harder to move fast enough in an ever-evolving world. Having remained small, agile and versatile within their market, Paul and his team have gradually grown alongside the innovation to increase their presence in the market. Despite the rise of automation, digitalisation and other tech-savvy innovations permeating industries across the world, recruitment is perhaps one of the industries where human interaction will always be better. People make companies great, and recruiting the perfect candidate into a CFO role will always be best done through people like Paul and his team at FPS.

Understandably, it can be hard for those who have not been in executive positions themselves to know the details of the tasks and challenges that a CFO will have to face. That’s the experience that stands FPS apart from their competition. Championing the firm himself, Paul brings a wealth of experience and expertise to identifying the right person with the right skills for successfully running and supporting a company.

Beginning his journey almost thirty-five years ago, Paul is one of the most experienced CFOs and business executives working in the world today. Having worked alongside global companies such as Pepsico, Nike and DELL, it is almost effortless for Paul to step into a CFOs shoes. That way, he can begin to truly understand a firms needs, and how best to offer them a solution that fits with their practice and ethos. For companies who need an experienced individual to identify needs and offer pragmatic solutions, they don’t come much better than Paul.

Paul’s experience working as a global CFO stretches far beyond the usual duties. Having constantly driven himself and those around to succeed, Paul has also overseen turnaround and restructuring work, as well as the implementation of new growth strategies to maximise the chances of success. From his own extensive personal experience in doing everything he can, Paul knows the requirements that the modern CFO must live up to, and FPS set about making sure that all of its clients receive the right candidate who is capable of delivering nothing but the best.

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