Best Hairstyling & Beauty Aesthetics Academy – Ontario

Women doing a female clients hair, with a round hair brush and a hair dryer

The Beauty Academy has become an icon of Ontario, spread over three separate campuses. Each encapsulates the best of education, delivering courses of the highest standards for hair stylists, medical aesthetics, SPA aesthetics, and make-up artists. Everyone who walks through the Academy’s doors can find their own path to an extraordinary future.

Describing The Beauty Academy in academic terms sells the whole experience short. Far from focusing purely on the theory behind beauty, students are encouraged to find ways to practically apply their skills. This gives every student the chance to learn more not only about the hair and aesthetic side of the industry, but the financial side too. Through partnerships with various local organisations, the team has created a space where their students can learn about what it means to work in beauty and hair. They lie at the cutting-edge of artistic leadership.

The demand for the team’s outstanding services is what has allowed them to spread so far across Ontario. Multiple locations not only allows the team to meet demand, but they serve students across various areas. In such a large area, being able to easily access the high quality facilities that The Beauty Academy has to offer is incredibly appealing to many.

Those who attend The Beauty Academy find themselves the focus of talented individuals who have a wealth of experience in the industry to share. Instead of cramming people into these popular courses, the Academy ensures that its students get the attention they deserve. By taking a bespoke approach, one which embraces the time required to become an expert in the field, The Beauty Academy adds significantly to the beauty industry.

Every element of the Beauty Academy is built around this goal. The team sees the beauty industry as something they can contribute to, through providing exceptional education and top-notch opportunities for development. The business has thrived, thanks in no small part to the diligence of its educators and the chances that are available in the booming and vibrant province of Ontario.

The Beauty Academy Executive Director, Phil Weaver said, “When we last looked at the team at The Beauty Academy, they were beginning to explore the potential for digital growth, allowing for a more varied learning experience. This commitment to reacting effectively to feedback is why students continue to attend this institution. They know that they not only get the best possible education, but in a way that suits them and allows them to thrive.”

The courses delivered by the team are undoubtedly superior in preparing students to go far with their careers. Students benefit from small classes, meaning more personalised attention on each individual; instructor passion and dedication; access to leading tools, equipment and multi-media instruction; and prioritised hands-on experience.

The Medical Aesthetics programme is unique. The Beauty Academy provides a comprehensive programme that exceeds any other programme offered in Ontario. Most programmes address the basics of IPL, laser and electrolysis. The Beauty Academy has an expanded programme that includes the latest trends that the industry requires, addressing microblading, micro needling and microdermabrasion.

The Professional Hair Stylist programme includes an option to address barbering. Most industry programmes only address the basics for men’s cuts. The Beauty Academy’s Barbering programme adds over 100 hours of barbering techniques, the latest trends and men’s grooming for beards and shaves.

The results of The Beauty Academy speak for themselves. The team has an excellent employment rate and is highly regarded by specialists across the industry, with salons seeking out the Academy’s graduates for hire. Ultimately, when people talk about The Beauty Academy, they’re talking about one of the best in the business.

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