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Best Marketing as a Solution Provider – Benelux

As the leading digital marketing company in the Netherlands, Fueld strive to provide a flexible and comprehensive online marketing service…

Best Marketing as a Solution Provider – Benelux

17th February 2021


As the leading digital marketing company in the Netherlands, Fueld strive to provide a flexible and comprehensive online marketing service providing reliability and continuity to your organization’s development. With their ground-breaking Marketing as a Solution (MaaS) concept, Fueld is bringing innovation and convenience to mid-market organizations.

With nearly 10 years in business, Fueld have set themselves apart from the crowd by providing a truly unique all-in-one online marketing solution. Focusing primarily on ICT and consultancy firms, this company aim to act as an integrated element of your business, which takes care of the full spectrum of digital marketing on a monthly fee basis.

In today’s fast paced and ultra-competitive business environment, the field of marketing is constantly changing at an increasing rate. According to Marielle Dellemijn, Managing Director of Fueld, “Due to the extensive and rapid development within the field of online marketing, it is not possible for most of the mid-market organisations to be successful in all aspects of online.” Thus, the presence of an outsourced marketing specialist has become entirely necessary since, “the field of expertise is too wide for one to two marketeers to cover.”

Even the most talented in-house marketing teams can benefit from services such as Fueld’s MaaS concept. The introduction of an external marketing team does not negate the importance of the internal team. In fact, it allows in-house teams to flourish and focus on the work that adds value to the business, freeing up more time for promoting new developments. As competition becomes ever fiercer, involving outside expertise in online presence, lead generation and target market interaction can add serious value to your enterprise.

In conjunction with their parent company CRM Excellence, Fueld possess a wide variety of knowledge in not just online marketing, but also CRM software and automation. Being the only organisation in the Benelux region with over 30 years’ experience in CRM systems and over 10 years in online marketing, these two companies form a powerhouse of proficiency and skill.

Despite the popularity and strong focus on CRM systems amongst successful organizations, the recent transition of CRM to the online arena has proven difficult for even the most adaptable businesses. Often there are clients who are confident in their implemented CRM system, but now are faced with the decision of how to properly organize and integrate their online processes. Conversely, some companies have previously focused on online presence yet now must develop organised back office commercial processes such as CRM systems.

Fueld offers flexibility, delivering a service which is based on your needs. When new clients are taken on, the team run them through an online marketing strategy session which helps determine what kind of service is needed and to what extent. Whatever they require, Fueld clients can expect to receive a consistent and broadly capable outsourced marketing service.

The company’s hiring policy involves a strict standard of excellence. Potential employees can only hope to join Fueld if they are focused on constantly progressing. When asked about the company’s internal culture, Marielle Dellemijn told us that, “We only have colleagues who are eager to keep learning and developing, who realize that the customer success is leading and who are not afraid to take responsibility for this result.”

This kind of strong and pure company culture is imperative if digital marketing firms wish to succeed. As an increasing number of players enter the marketing game, it is easy for customers to get lost in a sea of offers, many of which may not deliver what they need. Having a dedicated company culture which focuses on quality and customer care is invaluable. This is the only way to gain true consistent results since it soon becomes obvious to clients whether this culture is real.

Companies like Fueld stay dedicated to their philosophy and as a result their success continues year after year. At a time when consumers are demanding more transparency, a higher standard of client care is expected. Similarly, the rising trend of disciplines like conversational marketing show us that consumers are looking for more background about the products they buy and the companies who provide them.

These trends are equally apparent amongst business clients. As Marielle Dellemijn explained to us, “Customers need insight in the investment and results of online marketing activities.” Both business and consumer clients are looking for a closer engagement with the service provider and more accountability. In today’s world, whatever service you are providing, it pays to show the customer that you are truly dedicated and focused on the things they care about.

This is what makes Fueld’s MaaS concept so perfect for the modern business environment. Communication is clear and consistent, showing transparency and confidence in their service. Furthermore, everything they do is geared towards exactly what the customer wants, and fees correspond directly to the quantity of services that the client requires. Costs can be worked out on a fixed appointment or hourly basis, providing even more flexibility for the customer. There are no long-term contracts locking you in place, as Fueld have no doubt that their method and service delivery is exactly what you are looking for.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach and there are no rigid templates being forced into business models where they do not belong. The strategy sessions that Fueld run when taking on new clients help them curate the content and services that are included in their project plan. Gone are the days of trying to fit square pegs into round holes, as this simply does not work.

Working as an integrated agent of marketing coordination, Fueld provide a robust backbone to your customer interaction and retention. Although they specialize in helping ICT and consultancy companies, Fueld’s offering is unique and could benefit businesses from a multitude of industries. By keeping things running in the background, their full-spectrum MaaS service method can provide any mid-market enterprise with a carefully-curated and effective digital marketing service.

For more information, please contact Mrs. Marielle Dellemjin at

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